Youth Education Awards for Brain Tumour Survivors

Helping Young Brain Tumour Survivors Achieve Their Dreams

Going to college and university is often a milestone for young adults but for pediatric brain tumour survivors, sometimes post-secondary school can be out of reach.

Not only can there be the difficulties that come with late effects like epilepsy, physical disabilities or learning challenges, but finances may also be strained due to treatments and recovery. Today, because of the generosity of several donors, there is a special funding program dedicated to this unique group of survivors.

Applications for the 2017 Youth Education Awards are now closed. Thank you to all who applied.
Details of the 2017 - 2018 recipients will be posted here soon.
You can help a pediatric brain tumour survivor achieve their dreams by funding a Youth Education Award in your name or in honour of someone you love. Contact us at 1-800-265-5106, ext. 227 or at

In August 2016, Youth Education Awards were presented to five young pediatric brain tumour survivors so they could pursue and achieve their academic dreams. In their words, here’s what this opportunity means to them.

2016-2017 Awardees

Charlotte Pape, Youth Award RecipientCharlotte Pape (Toronto, ON)
Pursuing Studies in Life Sciences
Diagnosed with a cerebellar astrocytoma at the age of 3

Generously funded by Selectpath Benefits and Financial

“I’m thrilled to have been accepted into the University of Toronto’s Life Sciences program. Although I excel in the liberal arts, I’m passionate about science. My journey has instilled in me a love of the medical field, empathy for others, and an ambition to succeed despite the obstacles that might arise. I’m comfortable in the hospital environment, and see myself as part of a medical team one day, whether in research or patient care.

This education award allows me to concentrate on my academic goals rather than splitting my focus between schoolwork and part-time employment to finance my pursuits. It also provides some relief to my parents, who are equally committed to helping my younger siblings; we are close in age and will attend post-secondary institutions simultaneously in the future.”  

Jordan Tesolin, Youth Award RecipientJordan Tesolin (Thornhill, ON)
Pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce Program
Diagnosed with a ependymoma at the age of 15

Generously funded by Deys Fabricating

“I am very eager to embark on a new journey and begin my first year in the Bachelor of Commerce Program. After graduation I hope to work in the Sports Marketing field and continue to give back and support others who are going through a difficult time.

This scholarship will have a significant impact on my educational pursuits. The Youth Education Award will help alleviate some financial burden and will represent the continued support that has so generously been shared with me throughout my journey.”

Lorissa Paul, Youth Award RecipientLorissa Paul (Sarnia, ON)
Pursuing a Registered Practical Nursing program
Diagnosed with a germ cell tumour (Teratoma) at the age of 12

Generously funded by Selectpath Benefits and Financial

“My cancer journey has truly opened my eyes to view life as a gift and an opportunity to help others. As a survivor, I feel my experience has given me the strength and courage to face many challenges as well as inspire me to become a nurse, hoping to give the same kind of excellent care I was given. Last fall I enrolled in the Registered Practical Nursing program at Lambton College in Sarnia, and I am loving it, but not all is a bed of roses. Life after cancer can still have its challenges. Due to the radiation, I experience some difficulty with short term memory, which I am overcoming by finding new ways to make studying and retaining what I learn easier. Also due to the radiation, the pituitary gland became dormant and ceased to secrete the hormone for growth and development. Even though I am taking estrogen, I will remain 4 foot 10 inches tall, and look young enough to be asked if I need a children’s menu. I will not let this become an obstacle for me, but a blessing, knowing my playful and youthful mannerism will touch the lives of many children and all those I will serve, while on their own journey.

Receiving an educational award will reduce the financial stress, making it possible to complete my studies in becoming a nurse.”

Matthew Lewis, Youth Award RecipientMatthew Lewis (Dundas, ON)
Pursuing Pre-Health Science
Diagnosed with an astrocytoma with mixed glioma at the age of 20

Generously funded by Selectpath Benefits and Financial

Impossible is nothing. I believe that anyone can do anything; they just have to want to do it badly enough. Every dream you have, can be accomplished with a hard work- hang on mentality. I understand this more now than ever before. When I heard about this Scholarship program I realized that I could, given the opportunity, start afresh and take control of my life. This would allow me to put more energy into my academics and quality of life.

I was apprehensive about going back to school because of the massive financial burden and time commitment that would be necessary. However, I am confident that this Scholarship would allow me to thrive in my program and help me to achieve my potential.

I want to make a difference. Knowing when to give help and take help is important in this life. Cancer knocks you down, but along the way I have had the hands of family, friends and total strangers to help me back up. I want to be a paramedic so that every day can be the hands that helped me when I needed it most. I believe that this Scholarship will help me make a difference to this world.”

Shivani Patel, Youth Award RecipientShivani Patel (Brantford, ON)
Pursuing a program in Nursing
Diagnosed with CNS germ cell tumour at the age of 12

Generously funded by Selectpath Benefits and Financial

“This award will have a great impact on my educational pursuits because it will help me achieve my dream of becoming a pediatric nurse and giving back to the profession that impacted my journey as a brain tumor survivor greatly. This award will impact my education because every little bit helps in paying for my education which in the end will allow me to gain my degree in Nursing and become a pediatric nurse. My education is very important to me and I want to get a good education so that I can give back to other people.”


Read more about previous award winners from 2015-2016, 2014-2015 and 2013-2014.

About the Youth Education Awards

Survivors of a pediatric brain tumour (diagnosed with a brain tumour before the age of 25), between the ages of 16 and 30, who are pursuing post-secondary education are eligible for this unique Brain Tumour Youth Education Award opportunity. These awards were offered for the first time in 2013.

The aim of the program is to help young brain tumour survivors achieve their dreams through post-secondary education.

The awards are open to students who will be enrolled full-time in a publicly funded Canadian university or college. Students are eligible if they are in their graduating year of High School or CEGEP students, or are currently enrolled full-time in a recognized publicly funded Canadian university or college and planning to continue their full-time undergraduate studies.

Learn more about Youth Education Awards by contacting:

Susan Ruypers
Research Program Specialist 
1-800-265-5106 ext. 240 
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