Virtual Support Groups

Virtual Brain Tumour Support Groups

There are currently five online groups:
a new group for French language speakers 
a new group for Caregivers
a new group just for Caregivers of a child affected by a brain tumour
or keep reading for these groups below for patients and survivors in Western Canada, and Eastern Canada! 

Meetings are online, on the dates below for the Eastern and Western Canada groups.

Find technical requirements at the bottom of this page.  Please register a few business days in advance of the first meeting that you wish to attend by calling us at 1-800-265-5106 or completing the form below.

As with all Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada support groups, these groups are facilitated by trained volunteers.

Benefits of joining this group:

  • Gain peer support in a safe, relaxed atmosphere from the comfort of your home
  • Meet others on the journey with a brain tumour and share experiences
  • Learn about helpful coping approaches and community resources

Testimonial from participant: “It really helped me to share my experiences with the group and realize that I was not alone. I gained insight through the experiences of the other participants which was very helpful as well. I like that we can show our faces if we choose to while we are in discussions. I find that it helps to put a face on the name.”  ~ S.B

Testimonial from participant: “Virtual group attendance was definitely a good thing. Just talking to people who are going through the same thing I was made me feel like I was not alone. I do have support here but they have no idea how I feel. This was just something I always looked forward to doing… I live in an area which is not close to any type of in-person support.” ~ L.L

Requirements to join the Virtual Brain Tumour Support Group:

  • If you cannot attend an existing in-person support group location 
  • All virtual support group members must have a telephone line or internet access to participate
  • You must register a few business days in advance of the first meeting by calling 1-800-265-5106.

Virtual Support Group Meeting Dates and Times

 Winter/Spring Session Dates

Western Canada

Eastern Canada
Once a month. Every 2nd Tuesday from 8:00 – 9:15pm
(Mountain/Calgary Time), 7:00 - 8:15pm PST
Thursdays from 7:00 – 8:15pm
(Toronto/Eastern Time)
January 10, 2017  January 12, 2017
  January 26, 2017
  February 9, 2017
February 21, 2017  February 23, 2017
  March 9, 2017
March 14, 2017 March 23, 2017
  April 6, 2017
April 11, 2017 April 20, 2017










Spring/Summer Session Dates

Western Canada

Eastern Canada
Once a month. Every 2nd Tuesday from 8:00 – 9:15pm 
(Mountain/Calgary Time), 7:00 - 8:15pm PST
Thursdays from 7:00 – 8:15pm 
(Toronto/Eastern Time)
  May 4, 2017
May 9, 2017  May 18, 2017
  June 1, 2017
June 13, 2017  June 15, 2017
  June 29, 2017
July 11, 2017  July 13, 2017
August 8, 2017 August 10, 2017









Fall/Winter Session Dates

Western Canada

Eastern Canada
Once a month. Every 2nd Tuesday from 8:00 – 9:15pm 
(Mountain/Calgary Time), 7:00 - 8:15pm PST
Thursdays from 7:00 – 8:15pm 
(Toronto/Eastern Time)
September 12, 2017  September 14, 2017
  September 28, 2017
October 10, 2017 October 12, 2017
  October 26, 2017
  November 09, 2017
November 14, 2017 November 23, 2017
  December 7, 2017
December 12, 2017 December 14, 2017
(the last two meetings occur on back-to-back weeks)










To learn more or to register for the Virtual Support Group, please call us at 1-800-265-5106 or complete the form below. Please register a few business days in advance of the session you would like to attend.

Technical Requirements for Virtual Support Groups:

PC-based attendees: Required: Windows® 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server
Macintosh®-based attendees: Required: Mac OS® X 10.5 or newer
A telephone line if you are not comfortable using your computer to participate

Note: For the best experience, it is highly recommended that participants have access to a computer for the support group.


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