Ottawa Information Day 2015

 This event took place on May 23, 2015

A presentation from this event can be found below.

Event Details

Saturday, May 23, 2015; 8:30am - 12:00 Noon

Civic Hospital Auditorium
1053 Carling Ave
Ottawa, ON K1Y 4E9

Event Schedule

9:30am - 10:30am: Dr.Ian Lorimer - Senior Scientist, Centre for Cancer Therapeutics, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

What can we do about glioblastoma?

Although some types of cancer can be treated successfully, the brain tumour glioblastoma is generally incurable. The basic biology of glioblastoma will be reviewed and this knowledge will then be used to explain why glioblastoma is such a difficult disease to treat. New and innovative strategies that may overcome these obstacles were discussed.   

10:45am - 11:45am: Patrick Davidson - Associate Professor, School of Psychology, University of Ottawa

Memory and problem-solving: What are the effects of brain tumours, and what can be done?

Some of the most significant, and most widely-feared, consequences of brain tumours are changes in thinking. We work to understand which parts of the brain support specific aspects of memory and problem-solving, thanks to post-surgery research volunteers. We are also working on ways to rehabilitate and support memory and problem-solving when they are impaired following a brain lesion. Many computer and smartphone programs are purported to do this too, but I make suggestions on how to evaluate claims made by "brain-training" companies.

After talking with people at the education day in Ottawa, Patrick Davidson put together a very brief guide to “brain training”


What Past Participants Have to Say About Ottawa Information Day

“Caregiver for wife with Glioblastoma. Have already been helped a lot by Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada though handbook, Info Days and Support Group.”

“This was a very worthwhile morning – lots of good info shared, and the opportunity to discover we are not walking this road alone was very encouraging. Thanks for the great planning and preparation that went into this.”

“Great information; very easy to follow and helpful.”

“Incredibly helpful. Thanks so much!”           “Excellent seminar and awesome resource material.”


Looking for more videos? Check out this past presentation from a previous Ottawa Information Day:

Brain Tumours: Dr. Mohammed Bafaquh


To learn more about Information Days please contact:

Susan Ruypers
Research Program Specialist
1-800-265-5106 ext 240



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