2018 Volunteers of Distinction

The 2018 Volunteers of Distinction exemplify the wide range of individuals who devote their time and expertise to supporting the brain tumour community.

Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada’s Volunteer of Distinction Award is presented to those who embody the spirit of volunteerism. They are leaders and ambassadors who give freely of their time and energy to help reach every Canadian affected by a brain tumour through support, education, information and research.

Pablo Coffey

Pablo - Volunteer of Distinction 2018

Pablo Coffey’s involvement with the Ottawa Brain Tumour Walk began as a participant. When the opportunity to step into the leadership role of Brain Tumour Walk Coordinator presented itself, Pablo volunteered.

Under his leadership, the Ottawa Brain Tumour walk has grown leaps and bounds both in the number of participants and the amount of money raised. Pablo’s optimistic personality and solid commitment to the brain tumour cause inspires fellow volunteers and community partners.

He willingly shares his story through speaking engagements and interviews, inspires the volunteers and community partners who want to work with him and can often be found sharing the spotlight with fellow survivors/supporters understanding the importance of everyone’s story and perspective.

Pablo’s volunteer role extends far beyond that of the Ottawa Brain Tumour Walk Coordinator. He is involved in the Ottawa Support Group, attends fundraising events on behalf of Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada, distributes our resources and has even attended a gathering of advocates on Parliament Hill.

Pablo’s boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm inspires everyone he meets. Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada is so pleased to award him the 2018 Volunteer of Distinction Award.

Thank you Pablo for your unwavering support and dedication to the brain tumour community. 

Greg Taylor and Christina Hagberg

Christina and Greg - Volunteer of Distinction 2018

The dynamic duo of Greg Taylor and Christina Hagberg have been at the helm of the Vancouver Brain Tumour Walk since 2012. Under their guidance, the walk has seen a significant increase in both the dollars raised and the number of people participating.

Greg and Christina’s passion for the brain tumour community is evident in all the ways they approach the coordination of the walk. Their volunteer base has grown leaps and bounds over the last couple of years in large part because of their wonderful enthusiasm and friendly approach. Their involvement extends far beyond the walk. They both promote their involvement with Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada at their workplaces and are always willing to share their stories in their local community. In fact, Christina spoke of her personal story at this year’s walk.

Most Brain Tumour Walk committees are made up of 4-15 people. The Vancouver Brain Tumour Walk has a committee of 2 – Greg and Christina. They are truly a remarkable team who understand each other’s strengths and make the most of them to truly impact the brain tumour community in the Vancouver area. Thank you both!

Kelley Weatherby

Kelley Weatherby - Volunteer of Distinction 2018

As a member of the Yellowknife Brain Tumour Walk Committee, Kelley Weatherby has been one of the driving forces since it began in 2015.

From creating community connections to sponsorships to bake sales, trade shows, community events and following up with the committee and their to-do lists, there is not one part of the walk that Kelley does not touch. She is the event spokesperson and can often be heard on the local radio station being interviewed and lending her voice to radio advertisements.

Personally affected, Kelley’s passion for the brain tumour community in Yellowknife extends far beyond the brain tumour walk. She is involved with the local brain tumour support group and passionately works hard to increase the awareness about brain tumours; going so far as to affix grey ribbons onto the trucks used in their family business.

We are so pleased to present her with the 2018 Volunteer of Distinction Award. Thank you Kelley!

Michèle Tirlemont

Michèle Tirlemont - Volunteer of Distinction 2018

Three years ago, Michèle began as the first facilitator of the French Virtual Support Group. Every two weeks she is the supportive voice on the other end of the phone for patients and survivors from all over Quebec, Ottawa, New Brunswick and other francophone communities across Canada. Thanks to her, people can connect virtually and share their stories with each other.

Recently Michèle took on a new volunteer role as the facilitator of the French Closed Facebook Support Group, has volunteered her time at the Montreal Health Care Professional Symposium, spoke and acted as the media contact at this year’s Montreal Brain Tumour Walk

Michèle’s passion for Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada knows no end. Understanding the need for information at the time of diagnosis, she shares our resources, makes connections with the Health Care Professionals in her local hospitals and does as much as she can to ensure that people are aware of our programs and services. 

Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada has seen significant growth in the francophone community in large part because of volunteers like Michèle. She truly embodies the spirit of volunteerism and is so deserving of being a 2018 Volunteer of Distinction recipient. Thank you Michèle!


We would like to thank all of our 700+ volunteers! We could not manage without you. Thank you!

If you want to nominate a volunteer for recognition or know about a volunteer award opportunity in your community, please contact:

Jennifer McIntosh
Human Relations Manager
1-800-265-5106 or 519-642-7755, ext. 231


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