Fundraising ideas

27 ideas to help you fundraise for the estimated 27 Canadians diagnosed with a brain tumour every day.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Set the tone. Donate to yourself, others will follow your lead
  2. Share your story. Customise a fundraising page. Share why you are doing what you are doing. It means more to everyone
  3. Facebook. Share your fundraising page on social media and ask for support. Repost often
  4. Garage Sale. Clean out your house / closet and have a garage sale or post to Kijiji
  5. Host a Dinner Party. Get your guests to "donate for dinner"
  6. Seasonal Ideas. Use the calendar to come up with fun ideas: Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, first day of Spring or Fall 
  7. Auction. Auction off tickets to a sporting event or show. Some companies will give them away for good causes
  8. Celebrations. Having a Birthday? Ask for donations instead of gifts
  9. Empties. Collect empty beer and wine bottles from your friends and neighbours and return them
  10. Matching Gifts. Ask your boss or HR department for a matching gift to match what you've raised so far 
  11. Change for Change. Empty your change into a jar at the end of every day for 27 days
  12. Host a Paint Night. Host your own paint night and charge a fee to join
  13. Game Night. Organize a game night and charge a fee to play
  14. Change your voicemail and email signature to ask for a donation to your fundraising page
  15. 50/50 Raffle. Great for work, church or school
  16. Grey for a Day. Organize a 'Grey for a Day' dress down event at work and charge everyone to participate
  17. Local Service Clubs. Offer to speak at a local service club or church group. Many donate to charity via volunteer speakers
  18. Name that Tune. Organize a music lunch-hour trivia contest.Charge a small fee to join in and offer prizes
  19. Favourite Restaurant. Do you have a favourite? Ask management if they will donate a percentage of sales
  20. Potluck. Ask friends or family to a 'favourite country' potluck. Ask them to donate the cost of dinner out
  21. Scavenger Hunt. Invite families to participate. Offer extra tips and hints for different donation amounts
  22. Pancake Breakfast. Large or small, a favourite way to start the day
  23. Top-Down Car Wash! Charge $5 for the car and an extra $5 to do the rooftop
  24. Check your Fundraising Page. Reach out to contacts that haven't donated to you!
  25. Bake Sales. They work every time. Work places, craft nights, kids sports are all good spots for a bake sale
  26. Treats. Ask a local frozen yogurt company to donate $1 for every fro-yo sold on a designated day
  27. 5 for 5. Ask five people for $5, very quickly you will have $25!

Download these ideas as a PDF.

Please be sure to check with local authorities for rules regarding raffles and food sales. 

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