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The Hats Tribute is a collection of personal stories by those affected by a brain tumour

Bradt, Richard

Bradt, Richard

Bradt, Richard

Richard A. Bradt

Kingsville, ON
Married to Connie Bradt since 1984
Son-Tyler (1987)
Daughter-Elise (1989)
Pituitary Macro Adenoma
·         Diagnosed Feb 2000
·         I had lost part of the sight in one eye (the centre {say your face} was gone but I could see on the edges {the room around you})
·         I suffered from severe fatigue, headaches, imbalance, lack of focus on tasks, moodiness, memory loss
·         It was a search for information that led me to the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada
1st Surgery Feb 2000-Hotel Dieu, Windsor
2nd Surgery July 2002- Hotel Dieu, Windsor
3rd Surgery June 2004- Toronto Western
·         All transfranoidal, thus thebig nose- allows more air when skiing
·         My sight was fully regained after the first surgery
·         I was off work for about 8 or 9 weeks each time, but worked from home after 3-5 weeks at my own pace
·         My March 2006 MRI showed no tumour!
·         My pituitary was damaged in all those surgeries so I require daily medication to compensate for what my body can no longer do
·         My sinus cavity can sleep four people, but I haven’t had a cold in years and my hay fever is now only a very minor irritant
·         I still have memory, fatigue and focus issues, but it could be worse
I took up skiing in January 2001. It’s a great sport that offers an opportunity to relax, get a little exercise (I was so out of shape for this last trip), enjoy the beauty of the earth, and spend some time with my family and friends and new acquaintances.
Eating right and being reasonably good shape prior to surgery, helped speed my recovery. The amazing support of a loving wife, my kids, not to mention the rest of our family, our church, our staff at A.M.A., plus terrific teams of doctors and nurses made a big difference in my attitude, and thus the outcome. Every day is a gift.
                                                                                                STAY POSITIVE!


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