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The Hats Tribute is a collection of personal stories by those affected by a brain tumour

Di Bacco, Tony

Di Bacco, Tony

Di Bacco, Tony

I believe in Angels

I believe in children first
I believe in faith and hope
I believe in exercising “pay it forward”
I believe in making a difference, especially in children
Hats off to all our Heroes who are living with brain tumours
Let’s all use our BRAINPOWER to BRAINSTORM together for:
                                                BRAIN TUMOUR
                                                IMAGINE A CURE
This symbolic hat, “I will survive Team” belongs to my hubby Tony, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour on April 12, 2005. Tony is of caring nature and precious to his heart are his wife, kids, family and friends. He is a hard worker and enjoys reading, nature, walking, cooking and sports. His favourite sports are hockey and racing; let’s hope we score a cure and win the race against the disease.
Tony went from a tower of strength and invincible man to weak. By the time we went to the hospital he had a difficult time walking, talking, thinking, writing and driving. He also developed a weakness throughout his right side and a loss of motor skills. Due to the fast that we were aware of the symptoms of a stroke that is the diagnosis we were prepared for. What came next was shock and disbelief: a brain tumour. We had to take a double take: what, when and why? We definitely eat well and exercise. Where were the signs, why didn’t this show up on blood tests.
The reaction of our family and friends were worse. We were aware of the disease, we spoke about it and I also shared the stories, articles and activities in which I took part in my daycare at school. I was involved with a fundraising for brain tumour, even before it came knocking on my door. Our English Montreal School Board has Brain Awareness Month. I was following the journey of a student who went through it. A more important reason to promote awareness and support is so that we can put children first. Thank God I did. Even though I understood the procedure, it wasn’t nearly enough to prepare you for the emotional aspect of what your loved one is going through.
Our next step was educating ourselves as much as we possibly could. At best defense, we gathered as much information as we could on brain tumours and extend our knowledge to others. This knowledge enabled us to create a strategy of healing: spirituality, emotional cleansing, mental positivity, physical activity, nutrition and most of all have angels by our side in the medical field. How can we possibly thank the medical staff, which has made the difference in our journey of hope and healing enough?
Tony has undergone surgery, radiation, a year of chemo as well as a clinical trial treatment.
He has good days as well as challenging days but his motivation, drive, perseverance, strength and skills have returned. He is determined to fight the disease, promote awareness, and offer faith and hope to others. 
This is where the hat comes into scene. As Tony was going through his treatments, his cousin Sandra who has breast cancer was having a relay for life for the Cancer Society. The pink (breast cancer) and gray (brain) are connected to each other for a strong message. Together we are stronger and more successful in raising awareness and funds for a cure. Tony definitely created brain awareness at that event. We need more men to get involved.
We continue to promote awareness, with LIVESTRONG yellow bracelets, by Lance Armstrong who raised 50 million dollars for research.
LIVESTRONG- is such a positive motto for all of us to live by
The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada came out with gray bracelets “Imagine a Cure” as a fundraiser. We contacted the foundation; Ben and Mark were helpful and caring. We are encouraging awareness and support through these bracelets as a fundraiser.
Anyone reading this letter encourages others to be Angels, put children first, exercises “pay it forward” and make a world of difference by offering faith and hope.
Imagine a Cure; achieving is believing and believing is achieving.
A heartfelt thanks to all!


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