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The Hats Tribute is a collection of personal stories by those affected by a brain tumour

Parent, Marg

Parent, Marg

Parent, Marg

This hat is to honour a special man who meant a lot to me from the first time I saw him in the delivery room at his birth and who still does four years after his death. The courage and determination he showed me during those rough times. I was asked to donate a hat because of what I had been through with my own story. This hat is for both of us.Thirty-one years ago I was 25 years old, carefree with no worries in the world. I worked as a nurse with some of my best friends, so life was good. But all this came to a halt when the specialist I had came to see me at work and told me I needed to be admitted because they had found a brain tumour. My life changed forever. After numerous admissions I had returned to work but with this albatross hanging around my neck. It took me a few years before I decided to “live” and not let this tumour make me “live with this.” Because of the number of medications I’m on, my immune system is affected so I do get setbacks. I get upset about then just like everybody would, then I deal with it and move on. Over five years ago, a dear friend, Michael Elgie, was told he had a brain tumour. He went through numerous surgeries. I was sure he’d do as well as I did. Why wouldn’t he? A few months before he died, he said to me: “Aunt Mag, you need to realize that I’m going to die.” At first I was mad because he had given up, then he made me realize that I needed to accept it. I finally did but was still very angry that he wouldn’t make it as I had so many years before. I guess faith kept me here but determination and stubbornness kept me going. I have a good network of friends that keep me grounded when and if I get down. Today, it’s been a year since I retired from my 35 years of nursing and as I tell everyone, “I highly recommend it.” To all of them, a big thank you and hugs for being there. You will never know how much your support means to me.


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