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The Human Brain

Author:Rita Carter
ISBN #: 978-0-7566-5441-2
Publisher: DK

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“Discover how the brain works with clear, illustrated explanations that demystify complex processes, such as memory, perception, and consciousness”

Think Smart

A Neuroscientist’s Prescription for Improving your Brain’s Performance
Author: Richard Restak, M.D.
ISBN #: 978-1-59448-443-8
Publisher: Riverhead Books

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“In this fascinating, fun-to-read book, brain expert Dr. Richard Restak has asked his colleagues—among them the world’s leading brain scientists and researchers—an important question: what can I do to help my brain work more efficiently?”

Big Brain

The Origins and Future of Human Intelligence
Author: Gary Lynch & Richard Granger
ISBN #: 978-1-4039-7979-7
Publisher: Macmillan

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“In this cutting edge book, two eminent scientists, Gary Lynch and Richard Granger, offer a lively and fast paced investigation of how our brain got the way they are, and how they might get better—much better. (…) Weaving together history and science, Big Brain demystifies the complexities of our brain, and gives us tantalizing insights into our humanity—its past and future”  

Phantoms in the Brain

Probing the Mysteries of the Mind
Author: V.S. Ramachandran (M.D., Ph.D.) & Sandra Blakeslee
ISBN #: 0-688-15247-3
Publisher: William Morrow & Company, Inc.

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“In Phantoms in the Brain, Dr. Ramachandran recounts how his work with patients who have bizarre neurological disorders has shed light on the deep architecture of the brain, and what these findings tell us about who we are; how we construct our body image; why we laugh or become depressed; why we believe in God; how we make decisions, deceive ourselves and dream; perhaps even why we’re so clever at philosophy, music and art.”  

The Brain Has a Mind of Its Own

Insights from a Practicing Neurologist
Author: Richard Restak (M.D.)
ISBN #: 0-517-57483-7
Publisher: Harmony Books

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“Rich with anecdotes from Dr. Restak’s neurological practice, this book reveals what we’ve learned about the brain the shape itself by its experience, the reasons some events are remembered and others forgotten, and the effects of drugs on the brain. It is filled with the author’s insights into the brain’s ability to formulate thoughts, the ways that all people are not created equal, and other matters that touch on the very core of our humanity”  

The Dana Guide to Brain Health

A Practical Family Reference from Medical Experts
Author: Floyd E. Bloom, M.D.M. Flint Beal, M.D., David J. Kupfer, M.D.
ISBN #: 978-1-9329410-2
Publisher: Dana Press

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“The only complete, authoritative, family-friendly guide to the brain’s development, health, and disorders, The Dana Guide to Brain Health offers not only ready reference to our latest understanding of brain diseases but also information to help you participate in your family’s care.  Here is your essential brain information along with practical, health—preserving advice.”  

How Does the Brain Work? (DVD)

This NOVA scienceNOW poses the question - How Does the Brain Work?

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This NOVA science NOW poses the question - How Does the Brain Work? Host Neil deGrasse Tyson tackles one of science's major challenges in each episode. He will guide us as he explores dramatic discoveries and the frontiers of research that connect each central, provocative mystery.  Program episodes include: Magic and the Brain - Are the secrets behind the world's greatest magic tricks actually wired into the human brain? Eccentric magicians Penn and Teller and Las Vegas trickster Apollo Robbins team up with neuroscientists to reveal how our brains process visual information. Can you really believe your own eyes?    Can Machines Think Like Us - Can we make a robot that really thinks, learns, and acts like us? Replicating the human brain is a lot tougher than it looks; the promise of walking, talking ‘androids’ is still just a fantasy. But scientists are edging closer with machines like Watson, an IBM computer which is gearing up for a first-of-its-kind challenge: Taking on human contestants on the game show Jeopardy.   Magnetic Mind Control - Obi-Wan Kenobi used it to get his droids past policing stormtroopers in Star Wars. The Communists used it to turn a captured soldier into an assassin in The Manchurian Candidate. But now the thrilling, terrifying prospect of controlling another's mind using invisible forces is stepping out of the movies and into the lab, as scientists ‘hack’ into the human brain.  

Brain Games (DVD)

National Geographic's groundbreaking three-part series provides a fascinating window into the inner workings of the brain as never before. Through interactive experiments and tricks, Brain Games reveals how our brains create the illusion of a seamless reality.

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National Geographic's groundbreaking three-part series provides a fascinating window into the inner workings of the brain as never before. Through interactive experiments and tricks, Brain Games reveals how our brains create the illusion of a seamless reality. As these revealing experiments provide a unique view into our brains, the world's leading experts explain how and why these tests work. Brain Games explores cutting-edge science to examine real people with extraordinary brains, revealing new discoveries about attention, sensory perception and memory.  

Brain Games, Season 2 (DVD)

Brain Games returns with twelve episodes.

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Brain Games returns with twelve episodes, each chock full of interactive games and intricate experiments designed to leave viewers rethinking how much faith they are willing to put in everything from memory to multitasking. Host Jason Silva and Deception Specialist Apollo Robbins are teaming up with some of the world's foremost neuroscientists to reveal the incredible inner-workings of the brain. ASIN: B00DCG36GY; eOne Films

Brain Games, Season 3 (DVD)

Hailed by critics as tremendous fun, Brain Games returns for a third season of interactive experiments.

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Hailed by critics as tremendous fun, Brain Games returns for a third season of interactive experiments that test how easily the brain can be fooled uncovering the surprising nature of how we process information, feel emotions, and perceive the world around us. Host and wonder junkie Jason Silva and Deception specialist Apollo Robbins explore a world where time slows down, reality is an illusion and things aren't always as they seem the human brain. Get ready for lots of mind-blowing illusions, games and challenges that will make you question whether "seeing is actually believing." ASIN: B00IYRLUIW; National Geographic  

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