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Reversal: When a Therapist becomes a Patient

Author:  Eric Anthony Galvez DPT CSCS and Friends
ISBN #: 978-1-4502-2428-4
Publisher: iUniverse


4 years of college.  31/2 years of grad school.  A 5-minute phone call from a doctor changed everything.  Eric was finally done with school and had everything going for him.  Young people aren’t supposed to get tumours, but he did:  A golf ball-sized brain tumour between the brain stem and the cerebellum.  Reversal:  When a Therapist Becomes a Patient is a complication of journal and personal blog entries by a single, young, active male physical therapist that was diagnosed with a brain tumour.  It chronicles his experiences when the tables were turned and he became a patient to the people he used to work with.  Follow his unique journey from the shocking diagnosis, the weeks before the surgery, the mysterious Radiation therapy, the lengthy rehab process, the struggles to find a new path in life, to his triumphant return to “normalcy”!  Essays are included from family and friends that describe their personal experiences with having a loved one face these monumental challenges