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A Year of Living Generously

Author:  Lawrence Scanlan
ISBN #: 978-1-55365-416-2
Publisher:  Douglas & McIntyre


A Year of Living Generously follows Lawrence Scanlan as he volunteers with twelve different charities, one for every month of the year.  As he rolls up his sleeves both close to home (a soup kitchen, a hospice drop-in, a First Nations high school) and far afield (building houses in the parishes of New Orleans, teaching journalism at a women’s radio station in Senegal, working in an HIV/AIDS shelter in Costa Rica), he gathers stores and insights while striving to answer big questions:  How do we bridge the ever widening gap between rich and poor?  In the face of human suffering, what-if anything- is our obligation?  The result is a personal and powerful exploration of generosity by one of Canada’s finest journalists.