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Cranstone, Jordan

Cranstone, Jordan

Cranstone, Jordan

This hat is in memory of our 7 year old son, Jordan. The oldest of our 3 children, Jordan was an amazing son and brother to his little sisters Paige, and Ella. He was always happy, smart, and so engaging. Loved by everyone, his quiet happy manner had a way of instantly making people want to be his friend.

We brought him to Joseph Brant hospital Feb.6, 2009 after noticing quite suddenly that morning that he was unable to move his eyes to the left. We were devastated when the CT scan showed a small mass on his brainstem. We were sent immediately to McMaster Children’s Hospital where he had an MRI which confirmed the findings. Jordan underwent a biopsy that month, and was diagnosed with a
brainstem glioma.

A favourite patient in the 3C ward, Jordan showed everyone his amazing spirit and courage during his recovery. He came home eager to get back to school before the March Break and back on his bike when given the all clear by his doctors. He underwent radiation that spring, and not surprising to anyone, booked his own timeslot for 8:30 in the morning so that he wouldn’t be too late for school.

During treatment, he showed strength and determination, only missing 2 days of school and facing all his challenges with the same attitude, even after gaining 20 lbs from the steroids, or as he called it, his “crazy medicine”. We continued to carry on with our family, sharing special experiences and memories throughout the summer, trying to keep our activities as normal as possible. Jordan’s tumour showed no growth between February and September, and we were so hopeful that Jordan’s case would be a story of success.

On December 14th, we were given the results of his latest MRI which showed massive tumour growth, giving doctors confirmation that it was a very aggressive tumour and he was given only weeks to months to live. This would prove to be a time where we would learn even more than we already knew just how special our little boy is. We were able to enjoy an amazing time as a family on our Children’s Wish trip to the Give Kids the World Village in Florida where the kids experienced the magic and wonder of Disney, Universal, Sea World, and the Kennedy Space Centre.

Jordan amazed us with his truly special wisdom in January, as his body continued to lose strength and ability. With that same amazing determination and spirit, he went back to school. Week to week, he quickly lost the ability to walk. Near the end of January, he told us that he knew he was going to die, but that it was okay, as he wiped our tears, telling us that he couldn’t play here anymore.

Knowing that he was going to a special place in heaven, where there are no more tumours, and no more cancer, he smiled. We cared for him at home, and the last week of his life, he was able to enjoy afternoon outings with his sisters, a visit to his school to see his classmates, and a special visit from our parish priest. Watching Jordan listen to Fr. Ray’s words and prayer, we saw that same smile and light in Jordan’s face. Jordan passed away at home on February, 6, 2010, surrounded by the love of his family, with his sisters holding his hands along with ours. Jordan’s story has had a powerful influence on everyone who knows and loves him.



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