Power of Hope

$100,000 in matching funds are available from Bruce Power! Learn more and give today.

Every day, we strive to bring HOPE to all those affected by a brain tumour. HOPE through support. HOPE through information & education. HOPE through research. HOPE for a cure.

In this 40th anniversary year, we are celebrating our past, thankful for the present and looking to the future with hope. With your donation and Bruce Power’s matching funds, we will provide renewed hope in the hearts of people affected by a brain tumour.

Why your Donation Matters!

“What families and patients need is good quality information about brain tumours, diagnosis, treatment, research. They don’t need fake news.” – Pam Del Maestro, co-founder

“Forty years later, there’s so many wonderful things still happening thanks to all the people that support us on a regular basis, the people that donate, the programs and all the health professionals that have worked very hard to make the world a little bit better, and the researchers who made the breakthroughs…” – Rolando Del Maestro, co-founder

“One of the things I’m so proud of as an organization, is all the information we have… We have information that we can give to patients and caregivers, we even have a coloring book and a storybook for the kids, there’s so much more now in the way of resources thanks to all the support that we’ve received over the years!” – Steve Northey, co-founder

Thank You Bruce Power!

We know you are here because you care. There’s power in that!

This year, thanks to Bruce Power, we have a matching fund opportunity. When you, or someone you know, makes a gift to our Power of Hope campaign, Bruce Power will match up to $100,000 and we want to make every single dollar count.

With your donation, you will provide renewed hope in the hearts of people affected by a brain tumour. Imagine the power in that.

Every Donation Helps!

Tax receipts will be generated in accordance with CRA guidelines for donations of $20 (CAD) or greater. Thank you.

Thank you for putting hope into action. Together, we are helping patients and survivors live longer, live better, and with hope.

Thank you!