Andy and Carol’s Story: “We are looking to the future”

Andy and Carol’s Story: “We are looking to the future”

When Carol Kovosi talks about her husband Andy’s November 2010 diagnosis of a glioblastoma multiforme brain tumour, one comes away with an incredible sense of warmth, peace and the importance of family.

For Andy, his brain tumour diagnosis came fast and furious after a “wicked headache” that lasted for almost six days. Initially dismissed as a sinus infection, when Andy began walking around with a tea towel around his head to try to alleviate the pressure and then fell, Carol insisted on a trip to the emergency room.

“First they thought perhaps Andy had experienced a stroke, but a CT scan revealed a seven centimeter brain tumour,” Carol recalls. That weekend Andy underwent the first of two surgeries to remove as much of the tumour as possible and begin a treatment regimen designed to give Andy as much time as possible with his family.

In early February 2011, Andy finished radiation treatments and by the end of the month he and Carol were in Belize with friends. “We just decided that as much as possible, we weren’t going to let him ‘be sick.’” And so along with their family and friends, the Kovosi’s set off to create memories and look forward to the future.

GBM survivor walks his daughter down the aisleOne mark of the future for the family is May 2, 2013. This date signifies 30 months of life and love since the diagnosis of a brain tumour and Carol notes that, “so much has happened in that time for which we are thankful.” From spending time with their three children to milestone birthdays and Andy walking his daughter Jyllian down the aisle in November 2012, Carol says, “we are looking to the future together.” Today, they are ecstatic about their soon-to-be-born first grandchild, who Andy looks forward to holding in his arms this June.

Also in June is the annual Spring Sprint (now Brain Tumour Walk) in support of brain tumour patient programs and critical research – for Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada. The Kovosi’s are sharing their story in the hopes that more people can become aware of brain tumours and their impact both on individuals and the community.

Carol says, “I’d never heard of anyone with a brain tumour before Andy was diagnosed and to know that 27 Canadians are diagnosed every day is devastating. Anything we can do to get the word out is so important.” When talking about the impact of a brain tumour on the patient, Carol explains it as, “They are so unique, it’s like cancer, a stroke and a brain injury all rolled up into one disease – and we need to know more.”

Beyond leaning on family and friends, the Kovosi’s also attend the monthly Windsor Brain Tumour Support Group where they connect with others who are also on the journey with a brain tumour.

“For me it is encouraging and hopeful – there is such compassion in that room and when you have a loved one with a brain tumour, finding others who know what it’s like is uplifting,” Carol explains.

Today Andy is on daily chemotherapy and he faces challenges walking unassisted – but that is not stopping this warm and loving family from continuing to plan new ways to create memories, together.


Thank you Andy and Carol for sharing your story and giving hope to others on the journey with a brain tumour.

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Story posted: April 2013

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