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To support patients and families of all abilities, the software BrowseAloud Plus has been installed on

This software allows any user the option to enhance their experience with the website by improving readability and offering the ability to listen to the site via MP3 if reading is difficult. You do not need to download any software for this function and it works via an easy to use floating toolbar on PC, Mac, and mobile (smartphones & tablets) devices.

BrowseAloud Plus reads website content out loud in a high quality, human-sounding voice. Each word is highlighted as it is read aloud and the sentence is highlighted in a contrasting color. This allows users to easily identify what text is being read aloud and navigate within and between web pages.

Look for the BrowseAloud icon in the very top of every webpage:

Browse Aloud installed at



Some of the key features include:

Play by ‘Hover Highlighting’

To start speech, move your mouse pointer over the text (and click or tap the text if you are using a mobile or tablet device). BrowseAloud Plus uses dual-color highlighting which highlights the block of text in one color and the spoken word in another to give a clear indication of what text is being read aloud and to aid navigation.

MP3 Maker

You can convert text to an MP3 file with the MP3 Maker. The text can then be saved and listened to at a later time, at home or on the move.

Text Magnification

BrowseAloud Plus can magnify the text as it is read aloud. The magnified text is displayed with synchronous highlighting in a single line at the top of the screen, which scrolls from right to left as the text is being read aloud.

Screen Mask

Block distractions on your screen with the Screen Mask. A semi-opaque black mask extends across your screen leaving a letterbox reading window clear. This helps you to focus on the section of the web page you are most interested in. This feature also works on touch screen devices! The Screen Mask will move up/down in response to clicking on the clearly defined large buttons on the right hand side of the screen.


Remove clutter from your screen with our new Simplifier. The feature presents the current web page in a more user-friendly layout that is free from the secondary information on the page. Once simplified, the text can also be summarized², translated and printed to further help users to digest the information on the page. Users can customize this feature to suit their individual preferences, such as: increase/decrease font size, change the colors used to highlight text and set the level of summarization.

Personalized Settings

You can customize BrowseAloud Plus to suit your individual needs with options to alter the voice speed, highlighting colors and size of text during can also can also select which functions should be switched on/off by default, such as the hover highlighting, text magnification and the simplifier. These individual settings can be stored by simply creating a user account with BrowseAloud, with an email address and password, and retrieved by logging in before each browsing session.

Learn how to use it:

Visit the BrowseAloud website to watch videos and read how to best use this tool in the best way possible!

Recommended Browsers & Platforms

  • Internet Explorer 8 and greater (IE9 or greater for PDF reading)
  • Firefox (latest release)
  • Chrome (latest release)
  • Mac: Safari (latest release)
  • iOS: Safari (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, latest release)
  • Android: Chrome (Android v3 and greater)

BrowseAloud Plus may work on older versions of browsers. Support and updates are provided for the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Android (Chrome) and iOS/Mac (Safari). 

If you experience specific difficulties with the BrowseAloud Plus support, you can contact BrowseAloud by email at


If you have questions about this website, please contact:

Amy Mathias
Online Community Engagement Associate
1-800-265-5106 ext. 234 


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