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My Sister’s Journey: From Headache to Heartache

Author: Barb Parker
ISBN #: 978-1554524952


Deb Morin was a loving mother and wife. At the age of forty-nine, her life was changed completely by a brain aneurysm and stroke. Deb's husband, parents and family felt helpless in their attempt to help bring back the real Deb. Deb was blessed with many miraculous healings from God during her illness. She was always proud to tell people about God's love. She never lost her faith. Her last days were spent singing hymns, praising God and talking about all the ways that God had healed her. "What a beautiful tribute to your precious sister.

The journal kept my interest all the way through. I especially liked how you brought her to the reader by describing her home and her decorating skills, her love for nice things, clothes etc. I found this let me know Deb as a real person since I had not met her: a wonderful way for your family and others to remember who she was as a sister." -Betty Russell Author Barb Parker and her husband, Larry, live on Grand Manan Island, N.B. Barb felt compelled to write My Sister's Journey to fulfill her sister's dream. It was Deb's dream to write her story about her illness and journey from the daily journal that her sister kept for her. Deb was sure it would help someone. Deb's unpredictable comments and escapades add flavour to her story