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This collection of personal stories have been written by brain tumour patients and survivors as well as their loved ones. They are personal perspectives on about how patients and families find strength and hope and stories of perseverance.

We are honoured to be able to share these stories and say 'Thank You' to everyone who has shared.  You can share your story by entering it on the Share Your Story form now!


Don's Story of Hope

I was experiencing extreme fatigue. I was eating properly, exercising when I could, and getting enough sleep. But I was exhausted all the time. I made an appointment with my GP. He had a hunch, and decided to have me get some blood tests done. I made a follow-up appointment, got the blood tests done, and pretty much put things out of my mind.


Danielle's Story: Living With Cushing’s Disease

Just this past weekend my family and I walked in the Toronto Brain Tumour Walk at Nathan Philips Square. I raised a total of $3,558.00 for the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada and hope to continue to advocate both for myself and anyone affected by brain tumours. Even on your darkest days, I want you to remember; there is light at the end of the tunnel. It does take work, but I promise that it will get better!

Dealing with a Diagnosis and a Recurrence

Dealing with a Diagnosis and a Recurrence

My name is Yaron Butterfield and I was diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) in February 2004. After a period of remission, the cancer recurred a year and a half later; even when the cancer returns, tumour reduction can happen. I am an example of this and I hope my experience provides you with some inspiration and hope moving forward.


Daniel's Story

Daniel is my bestfriend, my lover, and my biggest support in life! On January 2nd, 2015 at approx 6:00am, Daniel suffered a large seizure. Me being 29 weeks pregnant at the time, I struggled to get the phone and call 911. They directed me through the seizure while the ambulance was on their way.


Deborah's Story

I want to start by saying I have been in denial for a long time about the damage from my brain tumour. In July of 2007 I was told by my doctor, that I have a well defined soft tissue mass meningioma tumour in the anterior frontal base of my brain. This tumour was invading the sella with displacement of the stalk of the pituitary gland.


Don's Story

In the fall of 2002, I was having problems with extreme fatigue. I had a visit with my Family Doctor, who did an exam. He found a lump on my left testicle, which he ordered an ultrasound for, but also took the precaution of having me go for some blood tests. The day before my follow up appointment, I got a phone call from the Doctor’s office to remind me about my appointment (which they’d never done before) and that I might want to bring my wife, Linda with me.


Diane's Story

I was a 50 year old women with two grown children enjoying my new job and planning my daughters wedding. Mid July I went to work as usual and started having trouble seeing clearly. By lunch it wasn’t getting any better so I made an appointment with my family doctor. She was quite concerned and sent me over to the hospital in Halifax right away. The eye doctor on call look at my eyes and put it done to fatigue. He gave me some eye drops and sent me home.


Debbie's Story

As we get ready to say good-bye to 2015 it's time for an update. 2015 has been a great year with so many memories made with my family and friends. To celebrate October's Brain Tumour Awareness Month I had my very first brain tumour ribbon tattoo updated. Al did an amazing job and I'm thrilled. I get asked frequently what my ribbon means and I am proud to say that it's for Brain Cancer and that I am a 3 year survivor.

Danka and Mike

Danka and Mike's Story

On September 12, 2013, life as we knew it changed forever. My husband Mike was taken to the hospital with stroke-like symptoms.I arrived at the hospital and was told he was being taken to the hospital in Pembroke. A friend drove me to the Pembroke hospital. In the ambulance, on the way to Pembroke, Mike had a seizure. He had another one in the emergency dept. at the Pembroke hospital. He was taken for a CAT scan.

Diane M

Diane M's Story

I have had the same recurring tumour (grade 2/ non-malignant astrocytoma) removed three times now. My initial symptoms were grand mal seizures. I had my first tumour removed in 1986. I was 32 years old with two young children. I had radiation. I went back to work, as an elementary teacher, four years later.


Dustin's Story

Dustin was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer in July 2011 at the age of 25. Dustin was the bravest and strongest person that we know; he fought a very hard battle which ended on June 11, 2012 at the age of 26 years. Dustin was a very loving and caring person. Even when fighting this disease, he always cared about everyone else and never complained about anything in life.


Doris' Story

Doris Anne Cooper (nee Magladry) was born on August 24, 1943, in Ottawa to parents Gordon and Ida. Mom’s first memories were of their move from her Grandfather’s farm at Bearbrook to the rambling brick house at North Russell. The farm consisted of 150 acres, the house with an attached summer kitchen and drive-shed, three barns, and a three bent garage. She was the third child in a family of 9; one boy followed by eight girls…the Magladry Girls.

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