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This collection of personal stories have been written by brain tumour patients and survivors as well as their loved ones. They are personal perspectives on about how patients and families find strength and hope and stories of perseverance.

We are honoured to be able to share these stories and say 'Thank You' to everyone who has shared.  You can share your story by entering it on the Share Your Story form now!


Janet's Story: Turning 49

Recently, my husband and I turned 49 years old. Yes, we are exactly the same age. Adam and I discovered this on our first date while we sat at a tiny table in a popular restaurant in Toronto’s gay village. We were just another couple getting to know each other, talking for hours. We chatted about our careers, funny details about our families, favourite places to travel and where we’d still like to go.


Joshua's Story: Where our footsteps lead...

My son's challenge has expanded my heart to have compassion for all families facing similar circumstances. In September 2015, my then 4 year old son Joshua seemed to start daydreaming. We noticed this happening shortly after he started Kindergarten. Whenever we mentioned this to people, they told us not to worry, it's nothing. Or we were told that their kids do the same thing and it's perfectly normal.


Jamie's Story: My Dad, My Hero, My Best Friend...

February 2008: My Dad was having some problems but he would not go to the hospital. My Mom had to call his best friend Terry over. When Terry came in, Dad knew why he was there. He went to the hospital! Dad saw a neurologist in March, who ordered a CT scan, then another CT scan with contrast. Following that he was admitted to the hospital for more testing like MRI, bloodwork, etc.


John's Story

January 1st started out like any other day, but with a little more excitement as the kids and I were secretly getting stuff together for my husband's 35th birthday the next day. However he woke up with a headache and did not feel good so recommended we postpone our plans. He went back to bed but woke up hours later in even more pain and had started seeing and hearing things that were not there.


Jessie's Story: A Mother's Day wish

On June 26, 2012 we welcomed our beautiful baby boy Kohen Hans Paschek into the world. He was perfect, born naturally at forty weeks plus one day, weighing in at seven pounds twelve ounces; little did we know that two years eight months later he would be fighting for his life and that the world as we knew it would be forever changed.

Joan and Roger

Joan and Roger's Story

This is a story about my husband's journey with a brain tumor. This picture was taken a month before he died. My name is Joan and I am going to tell you about my husband, Roger Small. In April of 1994, Roger was diagnosed with a brain tumour.


Jordan's Story

Hi , my name is Jordan and I am 15 years old . My life before a brain tumour was great. I had an active life in sports and out with my friends. I was 9 years old when I was first diagnosed with a brain tumour. When I was 2 I had a few seizures and was hospitalized.


Johanna's Story: The Positive Life impact

Dear Survivors, Brave Fighters, encouraging supporters, caregivers and everyone who will read this: Life is very special to each one of us because we're all affected by cancer in one way or the other. I , me, Johanna, currently 23 yrs old, used to read and hear this all the time but the truth was, I never really had someone close to me have Cancer.


Julie's Story

Hi, I am Julie, I am 57. In January 2013, I had a tooth removed because it was infected and was causing a great deal of pain. After a month of visiting the dentist, he told me my pain was now neurological. I went to the medical clinic, had a scan for my sinuses and then they saw something but they were not precise about what it was..then I had the brain scan.


Janet's Story

Hi – My name is Janet. My journey with a brain tumour really started before my diagnosis. Bad headaches became part of my life since childhood,and after many migraine prescriptions, trips to doctors and neurologists, I finally had a doctor who suggested a CT scan in April, 2008.

Jed’s Story: Two-time Brain Tumour Survivor

Jed’s Story: Two-time Brain Tumour Survivor

My name is Jed Terrence Rico Luna and I am a two-time, long-term brain tumour survivor. When I had my first brain tumour I was just 10-years-old. I am thankful that SickKids Hospital was there to help me. I was especially grateful because I was a new immigrant to Canada, with my parents and sister, from the Philippines. When this event happened it was a shocker.


Jenny's Story: Moving Forward

The first episode came on November 2010. An overall numbness came over my right arm starting at the shoulder, shot down my arm, ending with a tingling sensation in my fingertips. I felt a moment of disorientation and as quickly it came, it left. This happened within a span of seconds, easily I dismissed this as stress.


Jim's Story

The impetus for me to write this story came in October of 2010 when one of the members of my Rotary Club asked me to be a guest speaker to share my experience of living with a brain tumour. I wasn’t sure that anyone would be interested in what I had to say. I prepared a talk to share my experience. It turned out that people really did care. They were interested as they learned about the brain tumor problem in Canada and they were moved by some of the things I had experienced.

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