Philip's Story

Philip's Story

I wanted to share as my whole process about the power of positive thinking and how I believed it made me a better person. I realize I was lucky but I also believe my mindset helped me. I realize there are a lot of people who are not as lucky as me as well, so hopefully I am not sounding one without compassion for others.

My quick story is about the time I was diagnosed on a Tuesday and was stripped of my licenses and the ability to travel the same day. My wife and I had to travel to the neurologists on Friday and surgery was scheduled for the next Friday.

I had 6 days to think but thoughts were all positive. I thought to myself if I was not make I better enjoy these 6 days. I did. I went on with work as I was lucky as my office was in my home, I enjoyed the people around me and mostly importantly I did not let people think I was hurting. The hurting part was when I laughed, it actually gave me a headache. It was part of the diagnoses when I told this to my doctor.

the night before my 7 hour operation I was lucky that my folks were close by the hospital so I spent time with them and had my father shave my head. He enjoyed that!!

I spent time the next day in the waiting room area with my wife and sister-in-law and talked if I was going in for a routine operation, this made me very comfortable and actually had some joking moments into the operating room with the nurse.

7 hours later I came into the ICU and everything was successful. the only thing I was disappointing in the nurses had brought Chinese in around 3 am and I was not allowed to have any. 2 days later I was out.

I still had to wait 2 weeks to see if the tumor was cancerous but still in those 2 weeks I tried to live. My thoughts were in the 3.5 weeks I went thru all this is about how I could enjoy and not I was to lose.

Symptom free for 2.5 years and feeling as good as I ever did.

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