Andrea's Story: One Mother Pushes for Help

Andrea's Story: One Mother Pushes for Help

My just three-year-old daughter had been really ‘off’ and sick for 2 months. She would vomit for no reason and had headaches at the back of her head.

I took her to the family doctor three times and then had an appointment for January with a local pediatrician but in early November, it all just got to be too much. I pushed to see the the pediatrician then. That saved my daughter’s life.

We saw a doctor who said we should do a CT scan, “just to make sure that what he was thinking was wrong”.

Well, less than 48 hours later, he was RIGHT. The CT scan showed my daughter had massive pilocytic astocytoma growing off her cerebellum. We were sent home, as it was too late to be air lifted to BC Children’s Hospital. We were told be back at the hospital for 8:00am as we would be air lifted out first thing in the morning.

Once at BC Children’s Hospital, the Neurosurgery Fellow was in our room in under 15 minutes of our arrival. An MRI was conducted a few hours later. This test showed them, “a better picture.” It scared me so much to see it, as my husband was still driving to Vancouver from Nelson. The doctor then said to me, “if your child has to have a brain tumour, this is the type you want”.

The next morning she underwent surgery and they got it all out. They said, “it went great”. She took a little while to come around to eating and walking but soon enough she was returning to the ‘old daughter’ we lost before she was sick. She skied than 40 days this winter and was off her harness for the later half of the season. She has proven that her brain tumour did not stop her at all.

Today she is the little girl that I did not know I had. She was getting sick so slowly that I just thought I had a really grumpy three-year-old. Today she is HAPPY and so HEALTHY!! She is eating up a storm and so full of life!!

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