Diane's Story

Diane's Story

I was a 50 year old women with two grown children enjoying my new job and planning my daughters wedding. Mid July I went to work as usual and started having trouble seeing clearly. By lunch it wasn’t getting any better so I made an appointment with my family doctor. She was quite concerned and sent me over to the hospital in Halifax right away. The eye doctor on call look at my eyes and put it done to fatigue. He gave me some eye drops and sent me home.

My family doctor follow up with me two days later and asked if there was any improvement. I said no and she told me to go right back to the hospital. My husband was home with me because we were having wooden floors installed – I was determined to have the house just right for the up coming bridal shower for my daughter so I had ask my mother to take me over. I got the same doctor and again went through a series of test but this time he had a hunch and decided to do a CT.

When I returned to his office he just came right out and said you have a brain tumor they are waiting for you at the other hospital in Halifax to do brian surgery – call your family and get over there right away. I called my husband and said “it’s not good, come quick. I have a tumor and they want to do surgery”.

Now I have my 74 year old mother out in the waiting room and I had to tell her. My husband doesn’t remember the drive to the hospital he just left the trades people at our house. We had a hard time getting our children on the phone but we did and by mid night I was in having my surgery. Just like that I went from planning a bridal shower to brain surgery in one day.

The tumor is wrapped my optic never so it can not be remove but the good news it wasn’t cancer. Now I have no hair for my daughter’s wedding in a month but I was alive. My son shaved his head to match mine – my husband and daughter wanted to too but I said no. Gosh did I miss my hair! I did a special radiation and had to take steriods which made me mean but I got through all of it.

It has been 3 years now and my tumor hasn’t gotten any smaller but it hasn’t gotten any bigger either. It would take a book to explain all the emotions I have gone through on this journey but I am so grateful that I am still here and now I have a grandson that I love very much. I am still think about death but a little less than before. I never got to go back to work and my world has completely changed but I AM STILL HERE and that’s the most important thing.

Thank you for sharing Diane. Diane lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.


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