Kaiden's Story

Kaiden's Story

In March 2015, while travelling to Montreal, we received the news that our beautiful 22 month old boy (Kaiden) had been diagnosed with brain cancer. He was having some flu-like symptoms which didn't seem to go away and after 1 walk-in, 3 ER visits and much worrying from those who love him, a CT scan and MRI revealed a large tumour in the lower-back side of his brain attached to his cerebellum and also showed some metastasis (spread) to his spinal cord.

The oncology team diagnosed his brain cancer as medulloblastoma, which is relatively rare with less than 100 children per year in Canada getting diagnosed. It is especially uncommon in children as young as Kaiden. Treatment with children his age typically involves removal of the tumour (if possible), followed by 6 rounds/months of chemotherapy. Radiation treatment isn't an ideal option for Kaiden as he is too young and it may result in long-term developmental issues.

As tragic as it was to hear this news, we were thankful Kaiden showed symptoms to catch the tumour in time before it pushed against his brain stem. We were also thankful that his tumour was operable as some kids aren't as lucky. The talented team at the Montreal Children's Hospital performed two remarkable surgeries flawlessly. First, the night they saw the tumour, they placed a drain in his brain to remove the excess fluid being blocked by his tumour which was causing him the nausea.

Four days later, they completely (very important) removed the brain tumour in a 10-hour surgery and Kaiden bounced back quickly being discharged from the hospital a remarkable two days post-operation. We got the 'OK' from the doctor to fly home so we traveled back to Calgary to start an aggressive 6-month treatment plan to get rid of the tumour in his spinal cord and any other cancer cells which might remain. All things considered, he is doing really well and making many friends at the oncology unit. It is also important to say how wonderful and talented the nurses, doctors and staff at the Alberta Children's Hospital are. Thank you so much for taking care of our boy.

With the initial shock over for the most part, we now look back at the sequence of events that unfolded and we can clearly connect the dots to show many things falling into place to set Kaiden up for success to ultimately be healthy again and we are grateful for all of these. Our outlook on life has changed for the better and we have Kaiden to thank for this. We feel Kaiden and we were given this challenge for a reason and it's because he is strong enough to handle it and others will benefit from his challenge.

The support Kaiden and our family has received has been absolutely incredible and we are so thankful we have such amazing people in our lives. We will continue to provide updates on Kaiden's progress and post pictures throughout his road to recovery. We also have some fundraising activities lined up to support pediatric brain cancer research and will post those very soon.

Please keep Kaiden in your thoughts and prayers and join us in his journey through brain cancer. We want to raise as much awareness as possible for Kaiden's illness he is overcoming along with all other cancers out there, especially in children. We believe we are going through this for a reason and it is because Kaiden is strong enough to overcome it and many others will benefit because of his journey. We are confident this cancer will pass through Kaiden's body and it is strength, love and God that will allow this to happen.  Our new mantra: "With every day in every way, Kaiden is getting better and better"

-Eric & Ashley (Kaiden's parents)

Update: March 2016. We are saddened to learn that Kaiden passed in his Mom's arms, surrounded by his family. We would like to thank the family for all the awareness that they raised of brain cancer by sharing Kaiden's story.

Kaiden and his family are also supporting the effort to find the cause and cure for brain tumours with an impressive fundraising goal of $100,000. 

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