Sisters-in-Law Volunteer in Honour of Lost Brother and Husband

Sisters-in-Law Volunteer in Honour of Lost Brother and Husband

For sisters-in-law Danielle Griffiths and Jen Easton, the desire to find some good in a challenging time led them to volunteer for Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada. When Danielle’s husband and Jen’s brother Jay was diagnosed with a brain tumour in January of 2007, a feeling of helplessness overcame them. Danielle explains, "I knew I couldn’t change this situation but I also knew I could do something to help improve things for the brain tumour community."

By July of 2007, Danielle had become a keen volunteer researching and writing fundraising proposals as well as making calls to potential donors. "It was not easy," she says "but I quickly realized it was a very important job." Soon Danielle was giving her time in other ways, including volunteering at the organization’s medical conference and hosting awareness displays.

Sadly, Jay passed away in winter 2009. Following his passing, Jen decided she too needed to do something with her grief. "I thought I can feel sorry for myself or I can do something." As a result, Jen began writing volunteer profiles. In spring 2009, Danielle and Jen began volunteering together as part of the BrainWAVE organizing committee.

As part of this committee, Danielle and Jen help to plan and attend support events for children on the journey with a brain tumour. Working on this committee together, Jen and Danielle continue to stay close: "We are also keeping Jay’s memory alive and honouring his generous character. We just feel better knowing that we’re doing something."

Photo: Danielle Griffiths (left) and Jen Easton (right)

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