Peter's Story: We'll see where the narrow road takes me

Peter's Story: We'll see where the narrow road takes me

August 2016

Hi Y'all,

It's now time to publicly share what until now, only health professionals, family, closest friends and many prayer-warriors already know.

On June 23 I had a surprise grand mal seizure, followed by brain surgery 5 days later where 2/3 of a brain tumour was removed.

On July 13 the biopsy confirmed cancer - a grade 3 Astrocytoma.

On July 21 further genetic testing confirmed that the tumour was acting like a grade 4 Glioblastoma. Hence... incurable.... Quoting my chief Oncologist: " Of 100 patients with this type of tumour, the middle person dies in 16 to 18 months.. but we have some alive at 5 years."

So... yes, that means they are saying I have a 50% chance of not living past the fall of 2017.

But...I am opting for the 5 year plan, then breaking the odds and going for even more years.

The fantastic Vancouver Island Cancer Centre here in Victoria does a wonderful job for all their patients and are also trying to extend my odds {4 doctors & a few nurses on my team}. I am currently on a daily six week regime of simultaneous chemotherapy, and radiation, lasting 'til Sept 22 {also many meds}.

Then, one month off to recuperate, then November starts 5 days of double-dose chemo, each month for six months. So ... no chance of a new updated prognosis 'til next May/June. The accuracy of that could also be very uncertain at that time, even with a MRI.

One thing I'm doing on my own is switching to a mostly Ketogenic diet which has been recommended by many medical professionals.

In spite of not being able to do almost all of the regular daily tasks that I have always been able to do naturally, I am in very good spirits mostly, am at peace, and have faith - in everything that is happening - and have NO fear.

Our Lord also gives Pamela strength as my caregiver, even with her own fatigue and chronic physical challenges.Peter and Pamela

It IS taking a huge physical toll on her, since I cannot be left alone, in case of any further seizure(s). No driving, swimming, etc. and many appointments, so Pamela is always the driver, etc.

So... all of the above ... is option "B".

Option "A" is - a miracle......Whether God gives me a miracle or not, I am happy, either way, because I know where I'm going. Most Doctors {and many others} can attest to witnessing miracles, as they still happen every day!

I personally am not asking for a miracle, but I am praying to be able to testify of a miracle!

We'll see where the narrow road takes me.


Update: After 20 radiation and 30 chemo treatments... on October 31, 2016 I started my second bout of chemo [double dose], 5 days a month for six months. Besides fatigue, headaches, nerve damage, vertigo and hearing loss {one ear} I am remarkably well.

December Update from Pamela:  Peter has now had 30 radiation treatments and 55 Chemo treatments. A recent MRI shows Peter's cervical spine is ok. However, the MRI shows a ballooning original tumour, which the Oncologist calls a pseudo-progression of the tumour. This was something that the Surgeon who originally debulked the tumour, mentioned that might happen “down the road”. And here we are, down the road. There is some brain swelling around the tumour.  Dr. believes that the sharp pain in Peter's shoulders and down his arms, is a result of this “ballooning” affecting the nerves involved. 

We take hope here because this does not mean the cancer has increased or spread, but that, with additional drugs (of course), the pain will be much better managed hopefully, and we also take hope in the designated “PSEUDO” progression.  

June 2017: Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada would like to extend our congratulations to Peter on his latest achievement. It is not too late to do things that you have been meaning to do your whole life. In Peter's case, graduate. Read more in this article from the Times Colonist.Peter at Prospect Lake

June 23, 2017
: Exactly one year since my big seizure where the tumour introduced itself to me. 

It coincided with the Brain Tumour Support Group`s annual outing. This was a Voyageur Canoe trip around Prospect lake. A very fun day!

July 2017: After three months of NO treatments, per June MRI the tumour on it's smallest end reduced by 3mm on one side, and 4mm on the other, and the edema was also a little less! So, three more months of no treatment was prescribed. Also down to 14 meds. Next MRI at end of September, and we'll see what happens.

I'm feeling much better and I celebrated by jumping out of a plane July 23, 2017. It was amazing, fun, and exhilarating, thanks to  See the TV news video about this celebration!

Thank you Peter for sharing your letter explaining your diagnosis with us and for your updates. 

 Update: We are deeply saddened to learn that Peter died in Spring 2018.

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