Don's Story of Hope

Don's Story of Hope

I was experiencing extreme fatigue. I was eating properly, exercising when I could, and getting enough sleep. But I was exhausted all the time.

I made an appointment with my GP. He had a hunch, and decided to have me get some blood tests done. I made a follow-up appointment, got the blood tests done, and pretty much put things out of my mind.
The day before my follow-up appointment, I got a phone call from the doctor's office reminding me of the appointment (which they never did) and that I might want to bring my wife with me to the appointment.
This was a little unnerving, to say the least. My mother had breast cancer in 1975 and died from a brain tumour in 1976.
At the appointment the next day, I was told that my prolactin level was very high. I'd never even heard of it! When I asked what might be the cause, my GP said "a pituitary tumour".
My immediate reaction, based on my experience with my Mum was "brain tumour = dead". I was more than a little freaked out - especially with having to wait for a MRI, and an appointment with an endocrinologist.
Luckily for me, I ran across the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada's Patient Handbook in the local library. While there wasn't a lot of information on pituitary tumors, it was a beginning...
16 years later, the brain tumour is still there. It was small enough that I haven't required surgery or radiation, although it does require occasional blood tests to check my hormone levels and a bi-annual MRI. The medication that I am on controls the excess prolactin levels that the tumour produces, and maybe, if I'm lucky, one day it will shrink and disappear. I can always hope.
Thank you Don for sharing your story and reminding us that there is always hope.

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