Navigating the Grief of a Brain Tumour Diagnosis for Young Adults

  March 27, 2021
01:00 pm - 02:00 pm
Young adults living with a brain tumour may often feel unprepared and ill-equipped to work through their emotions and the journey that lay ahead.

Sadly, we haven’t been taught the information on how to navigate our grief in a healthy and meaningful way. Instead, we are told, “keep busy,” “be strong,” and “wait for time to pass”.

This virtual event is catered specifically to young adults living with a brain tumour, exploring new ways of recognizing your grief and navigating your emotions.

You will walk away with a deeper understanding of what grief is, the myths of grief, the various losses that can create the feelings of grief, and steps to move forward in the most meaningful and productive way.



Ashley Mielke Bio

Ashley Mielke is a Registered Psychologist, Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®, and Founder and Director of The Grief and Trauma Healing Centre Inc. in Edmonton, AB. Ashley is also an international speaker and the exclusive Canadian Certification Trainer for The Grief Recovery Institute.Ashley Mielke

Ashley was called to her purpose in the wake of a number of painful losses in her own life, including the tragic suicide of her father. Ashley’s personal healing fueled her passion to empower others to move beyond the pain and loneliness caused by loss and reclaim their sense of well-being and purpose.