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17/10/2017 2:00:34 PM

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My father started chemo/radiation therapy for his malignant brain tumor last week. Surgery to remove part of the tumor happened about a month ago. The tumor was growing in the part of his brain that does rapid recall of nominative words, so now he has Aphasia (difficulty using those words in speech). Doctors suspect the tumor had been growing for about a year.

I'm wondering if I can wait for chemo/radiation therapy to end (two more weeks), before I have some important conversations with my Dad. He is clear on his prognosis and everything (he's estimated to survive one year), but we need to talk about some life stuff. He has been fatigued and nauseous from the treatment, and communication is even more taxing for him on radiation therapy days.

So again the question is: can I wait for therapy to end? We only have this one round of treatment to do, because the doctors are calling this terminal. Based on what I've described about my Dad's condition and the nature of the tumor, can anyone say if I should wait to dive deep with him on philosophical and spiritual subjects? Or could he lose his faculties during the course of his treatment, and not recover them?

To simplify the question: do chemo/ratiation therapy patients usually have improved cognition following therapy? Can a cancer continue worsen cognition during treatment, and can treatment worsen cognition in a way that is not recoverable even in the short term (coming months)?
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Home » Malignant Brain Tumours » At beginning of chemo/radiation, seeking advice

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