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This Brain Tumour Webinar Series features various webinars throughout the year with a variety of topics covered.

This Brain Tumour Webinar Series features various webinars throughout the year, which will include topics around research, treatment, advance care planning, returning to work after a brain tumour diagnosis, personal stories from brain tumour survivors and caregivers, and more.

Please note:
  • All presentations will run from 2:00 pm EST – 3:00 pm EST
  • All presentations are free
  • Presentations may be subject to change. Check back often for updates
  • You must register for each webinar separately
  • All presentations will be recorded and uploaded to the Online Videos page within a week of the presentation date.

Download a Poster for the 2020 Webinar Series (PDF).


From an attendee:

“Yesterday’s webinar was excellent. Great slides covering a wide scope of important information and resources, excellent speaker who is obviously very passionate. I want our entire family to watch the presentation. There is a huge scope of issues to consider and keep on top of. Well done and thank you.”

Next Presentations

Radiosurgery for Brain Metastases: Aggressive Care Through Non-Invasive Means - Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Presenter: Dr. Hany Soliman, Radiation Oncology, Odette Cancer Centre (Toronto, ON)

This webinar will discuss treatment modalities, review on-going clinical trials as they relate to the management of brain metastases, and review current literature on brain metastases management.

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Dignity Therapy: A Therapeutic Intervention for Individuals with Life-Limiting Illness - Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Presenter: Dr. Janet Ellis, Psychiatry, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (Toronto, ON), and a Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada Research Grant Recipient

This webinar presentation will examine what dignity therapy is and how this type of program / therapy can help nurture a sense of meaning and identity for someone diagnosed with a life-limiting illness. Life review, pride in and acceptance of life lived, and a sense of legacy will also be reviewed.

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When is Too Much? Knowing Your Limits During the Holiday Season - Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Presenter: Todd Goold, Support Services Specialist, Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada (London, ON)

This presentation will take a deep dive into what it means when people say, “know your limit” and learn how to politely say “no” when you are feeling stressed or tired. As the old saying goes “you cannot help others if you do not help yourself”. This proves even more true when you have been impacted by a brain tumour diagnosis. It is easy to say “yes” when others are needing help. Especially if these requests are coming from “loved ones” or friends who have always been there when you needed them. We are taught to be kind and give our time freely to help those in need. But what if we are the person who is in need? This webinar will share strategies to help you through the holiday season.

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Past Presentations

How to Advocate for yourself in the Health Care System - January, 2020

Presenter: Mary Lou Robertson, President, M.L. Robertson Consulting, Inc (Halifax, NS)
Our health system is complex, and it is important to understand how to voice your needs or the needs of your loved one. This webinar shares the essential skills and information needed to be an effective self-advocate.
The presentation includes information on how to define and communicate your needs with your health care team, how to investigate and advocate for care options, how to advocate for unique or rare conditions, and how to ensure you are making informed decisions about care.

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A Unique Approach to the Complexities of Glioblastoma (GB) - February 2020

Presenter: Alex Rodzinka, Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada Research Studentship Recipient (Windsor, ON)

This webinar will look at the heterogeneity behind brain tumours and how we can utilize various cell surface markers to enhance diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of glioblastoma (GB). Alex will also share his experience as a research studentship recipient.

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Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) in Canada - March 2020

Presenter: Kelsey Goforth, Support Program Manager, Dying with Dignity Canada (Toronto, ON)

This webinar will review Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD), which was made legal in Canada in 2016. However, suffering Canadians continue to encounter widespread barriers to accessing their right to a peaceful death. During this presentation, Kelsey will explore what this means for the future of healthcare and patients’ rights in Canada as well as the unique challenges that Canadians face when navigating their legal end-of-life options.

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An Overview of Non-Malignant Brain Tumours and Treatment Updates - April 2020

Presenter: Dr. Roberto Diaz, Neurosurgeon, McGill University (Montreal, QC)

Dr. Diaz is a Canadian-trained neurosurgeon and brain tumour specialist. He graduated from the University of Toronto medical school in 2007 and completed residency at the University of Calgary in 2015. He earned a PhD degree in 2013 from the University of Toronto for research performed under the supervision of Dr. James Rutka at the Hospital for Sick Children Brain Tumor Research Centre. After achieving certification in Neurosurgery by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in 2015, Dr. Diaz undertook fellowship training in surgical neuro-oncology at the University of Miami under the mentorship of Dr. Ricardo Komotar. During fellowship training Dr. Diaz published the first series of meningiomas treated with laser thermal ablation at the University of Miami. Dr. Diaz is presently a neurosurgeon at the Montreal Neurological Hospital and is an assistant professor of Neurology and Neurosurgery at McGill University.

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Personal Stories of Hope: Brain Tumour Caregivers Sharing Experiences - May 2020

Multiple Caregivers from across Canada share their personal experiences and provide tips to other caregivers. We also highlight our new Brain Tumour Caregiver Handbook.

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Return to Work for Brain Tumour Survivors - June 2020

Presenters: Maureen Parkinson, Vocational Rehab Counsellor, BC Cancer & Tammy Lee, Clinical Practice Leader / Vocational Rehab Counsellor, GF Strong Rehab Centre

Presentation Outline:

  • How to prepare to go back to work
  • Assessing work readiness
  • Transitioning to the workplace
  • How to improve chances of a successful return to work (work accommodation ideas, career planning, and vocational resources)

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Why Increasing Chromosome Chaos to Target Very High Risk Medulloblastoma Will Improve Patient Outcome - Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Presenter: Dr. Carolina Nor, Hospital for Sick Kids (Toronto, ON) and a recipient of Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada ‘s William Donald Nash Brain Tumour Research Fellowship

This webinar speaks to the progress made on the role of radiotherapy in the treatment of brain tumours. Radiotherapy is currently used to ensure that tumour cells that escaped the surgeon’s scapel die, however, there is a theory that part of the cells in the original tumour had different properties which allowed them to survive the radiotherapy. The aim of Carolina’s study is to target specifically the properties of the radioresistant cells in brain tumours, to be able to improve patients’ outcome.

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Personal Stories of Hope: Brain Tumour Survivors Sharing Experiences - Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Multiple brain tumour survivors from across Canada will share their personal experiences and provide tips to other patients and survivors.

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Steroids and How They Make You Feel - September 2020

For pediatric long-term survivors, young adults and adults.

Presenter: Mary Stuart, Nurse Practitioner, Pediatric Late-Effects Program, Sick Kids (Toronto, ON)

Steroids are often the mainstay of treatment when someone is receiving radiation to help with side effects. Long-term use of steroids is effective but can cause physical changes in the body and cause physiological changes. This presentation will talk about body image and steroids, and what is known.


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