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Une liste de lecture pour nous rapprocher. Vous n'êtes pas seuls!

La persévérance unit tous les membres de notre communauté, et en cette période particulière, nous en avons tous besoin!

La Fondation canadienne des tumeurs cérébrales a décidé d’offrir aux membres de sa communauté une activité interactive et joyeuse qui nous permettra également d’apprendre à mieux nous connaître: une liste musicale créée pour et par les membres de la communauté des tumeurs cérébrales!


Soumettez votre chanson!


Quelle est la chanson qui vous remonte le moral lorsque vous en avez le plus besoin?

Complétez le formulaire ci-dessous et inscrivez :

  • Le nom de la chanson
  • Le nom du groupe ou de l’artiste
  • Une courte explication (pourquoi cette chanson est si importante pour vous)

C’est tout! Nous ferons le reste! Nous ajouterons votre chanson à la liste de lecture afin que tous les membres de notre communauté puissent écouter vos suggestions de chansons d’amour, d’espoir et de persévérance. Ceci est une playlist faite par vous, pour vous. Écoutez-la lorsque vous avez besoin d’un remontant et sachez que vous n’êtes jamais seul.

Merci de nous aider à répandre la joie!


Visionnez les chansons soumises par les membres de notre communauté et soumettez la vôtre sur Facebook OU utilisez le formulaire ci-dessous si vous désirez soumettre votre chanson de façon confidentielle.


‘I Won’t Back Down’ – Tom Petty

I will forever aspire to do good in this world no matter what challenges face me. Fear is not an option. Always do the right thing in life.
Scott Harrison

‘Highway to hell’ – AC/DC

La raison est simple. Lors de mon dernier traitement de radiothérapie j’ai demandé cette chanson en me disant que j’envoyais un message à ma tumeur.
Francis Martin

‘Life is Beautiful’ – Vega4

A reminder how precious life is and sometimes we just need to accept it’s out of our hands sometimes so enjoy every minute you can.

‘In My Life’ – The Beatles

Always puts into perspective for me that even though I left my entire family back home in England the love I have here I forever made the right choice.

‘Heavy Seas of Love’ – Damon Albarn

I’ve struggled with depression for most of my life and this song carried me through some dark times. It’s just such a beautiful song, I hope it can bring the same strength to others who are going through what I’m going through now. We’re all in this together, radiance is in you friends <3

‘Til I Am Myself Again’ – Blue Rodeo

To me, this song represents how I often feel. I guess it is a way of embracing the «new normal».

‘You’ve Got A Friend’ – James Taylor

Bruce Power NGS

‘I Hope You Dance’ – Lee Ann Womack

I danced with my Dad to this song at my wedding, at that time, 2007, he was already a cancer survivor, little did we know I would join him just two years later. Fortunately we are both doing well. Thanks to the Foundation for all the information and support that has kept me going for 10+ years.
Thank you too for the playlist, it has been wonderful to listen too while social distancing and stay home.

‘Girl’ – Maren Morris

It’s about pulling yourself up and no matter what it’s all going to be okay. I sent this to my daughter and added to our Brain Tumours Suck playlist. #YouAreNotAlone

‘Espoir adapté’ – Grand Corp Malade et Anna Kova

C’est tellement ma vie!!

‘Ain’t no mountain high enough’ – Marvin Gaye & Tammy Terrell

Me permet de sourire et de me donner plus d’énergie

‘You + Me’ – Pink et Dallas Greene

C’est notre chanson de mariage! Toutes les fois

‘Ça fait rire les oiseaux’ – La compagnie créole

Impossible de ne pas danser et être joyeux en écoutant cette chanson

‘Les yeux du coeur’ – Gerry Boulet

On ne voit bien qu’avec les yeux du coeur

‘Smile’ – Nat King Cole

M’aide à ne pas me décourager et garder espoir

‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’ – The Pretenders

I’m gonna be (500 miles) by the Pretenders is one that makes our family think of my dad.

‘Apocalypse Lullaby’ – The Wailin’ Jennys

It will be obvious if you listen- calm, love, all in this together.

‘Pull Me Through’ – Jim Cuddy

I heard this song while watching a figure skating champion and it was used by the Canadian pairs champions. I found the words to be very uplifting.

‘Kryptonite’ – Three Doors Down

My husband Paul was my Superman!

‘Cerezo Rosa’ – Orquesta Perez Prado

Dance my little friends dance, dance, dance the day away and don’t forget the health benefits!

‘Walking on Sunshine’ – Katrina and the Waves

I have two: Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves – just makes me happy.. and Here for a Good Time by Trooper – sums up my life philosophy – «We are here for a good time not a long time » We never know how long we have on earth, so let’s just make the choice to enjoy whatever life offers every day, and be a decent human.

‘The Girl You Think I Am’ – Carrie Underwood

Reminds me to be strong for the people around me; in this case – my Dad. Was my father/daughter dance at my wedding! “ You think I’m strong, you think I’m fearless, Even when I’m, I’m at my weakest, You always see the best in me when I can’t, I wanna be the girl you think I am”

‘Power of Two’ – Indigo Girls

I had 30 radiation treatments and made a ‘30 Day’ playlist. The ‘Girls’ featured very prominently. This particular song also happens to be the wedding song of one of my dearest friends.
Kate, Team Sugarloafers (Ottawa)

‘Eye of the Tiger’ – Survivor

This was the song that I would play for my mom to get her pumped up and motivated to face any obstacle, like climbing the stairs, when she was battling her Brain Tumour. It put a smile on her face and made her feel like a champion. She is forever a warrior in my heart.

‘Stand’ – Rascal Flatts

It remnds me that I am strong, and that it’s important to keep going…no matter how many times I’m knocked down.

‘One Less Day’ – Rob Thomas

Despite the title, the lyrics of the song hit me, when you have brain cancer you need to appreciate and enjoy each day and look at getting older as another day we’ll lived.

‘Life Afraid’ – Sell It Off

It’s very inspirational when life seems to be turning against you.

‘Fight Song’ – Rachel Platten

I heard this song after I had my golf-ball sized brain tumour removed. Knowing the fight I had ahead of me and learning to live with my ‘new normal’, this song was an encouragement to me.

‘Beautiful Day’ and ‘Be the Light’ – Aykanna

I have two in particular on my personal «BT Dance Playlist» that I listen to (& boogie to) pretty much every day! They’re both by the group Aykanna. As a Kundalini Yoga instructor, with a strong spiritual connection, I play these often in my class. (Though my class is currently on hold given the Covid-19 situation.)

‘Ride’ – 21 Pilots

The chorus is catchy and the band is awesome!

‘I’ll Be Good’ – James Taylor

I like the lyrics and the way it sounds.

‘Rhythm of Love’ – Plain White T’s

I like the tempo and melody, it just makes me sing along.

‘Dream of Home’ – Alan Doyle

Makes me feel close to home when I listen to it.

‘Imagine’ – John Lennon

It gives me hope that someday our world can be a better place.Our daughter is a survivor.We are grateful
Happy thoughts to all of you at the Foundation

‘Higher Love’ – Kygo & Whitney Houston

This song has a powerful message of love. Every time I listen to it, I feel uplifted and connected to the greater whole. I hope you all enjoy it too! xo

‘CHAMPION’ – Bishop Briggs

It’s a good pump up song. Reminds you to get back up and fight when you fall down.

‘Gloria’ – Laura Branigan

When I was a teenager my dad always embarrassed me dancing and singing his favourite song whenever it came on the radio. But since he passed in 2010, I’ve been hearing this 40 year old song everywhere! It makes me smile cause I know he’s still with me in my battle as I was with him in his.

‘Not Dead Yet’ – LEDGER

It reminds me to keep fighting, when things are tough keep going, I can keep fighting. It gives me the power to fight when I do not have it on my own.

‘Heartbeat Song’ – Kelly Clarkson, Dave Audé

When I hear this remix version of Kelly Clarkson’s «Heartbeat Song», I get energized by its beat & rhythm. And I get reminded that my heart is still beating!

‘Rainbow’ – Kacey Musgraves

Reminds me that it will all be ok.

‘All You Need is Love’ – the Beatles

I think these words have never been more relevant than they are today during these troubled times.

‘Here Without You’ – Three Doors Down

My husband Paul worked out of town on a drilling rig – this is our “he works away’ song. He was diagnosed July 27, 2009 and passed away July 17,2010 for a Brain Tumour. As Paul says ‘Play to Win’

‘Saint Elmo’s Fire’ – John Parr

This song lifts me up–speaks to two of my heroes, Terry Fox and Rick Hansen. I wear replica Terry Fox shoes whenever I do the Terry Fox run or the Brain Tumour walk.

‘Kisahkihitin I Love’ – Blue Rodeo

I wrote this song for people to say I Love More. I wrote it in the Cree and English Language.

‘5 Days in May’ – Blue Rodeo

It lifts me up–the freedom of it.

‘I Am A Stone’ – Demon Hunter

This song has been one of my go to fight songs during my whole diagnoses! It’s a strong metal like song but it’s got a beautiful sound and words! I feel empowered and ready to fight this b*tch!

‘We Deserve a Happy Ending’ – Reverend Payton’s Big Damn Band

I asked people yesterday to post Happy songs, when I was feeling down. My friend posted this. It’s fun, uplifting and true.

‘Seasons of Love’ – Rent the Musical

It says that life is measured in moments, and moments are measured in love. Really good song that I’ve been playing on repeat through the quarantine.

‘Titanium’ – Sia

The lyrics spoke to me! Fire away but I won’t fall !!

‘A World Possessed By the Human Mind’ – The Tragically Hip

Many think that this song was about Gord’s own cancer diagnosis but he actually wrote it while his wife was going through treatments for breast cancer.

‘I Would Die For You’ – Byran Adams

This was our first dance at our wedding. I have been out of the country for 2 weeks and I am heading back now for 2 weeks of quarantine. It has been 30 years since I have been away from my husband for this long and I have never been away from my children for this long! It is a very difficult time. Thanks for making this playlist it is a good distraction.

‘There’ll Never Be Another Tonight’ – Byran Adams

This was my graduation song. I was on the graduation committee in grade 12 when I was diagnosed with my second tumour. That surgery and recovery was horrible. But I graduated on time with my unbelievable friends.

‘Tubthumping’ – Chumbawumba

This song and the lyrics describes me to a T ~ Verse «I get knocked down, but I get up again ~ You are never gonna keep me down!»

‘Fight Till the End’ – Alli Walker

Her song has inspired so many in the brain tumour community and we are so grateful.
Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

‘Your Song’ – Elton John

It reminds me of the power of love and how a song can be the most beautiful demonstration of love.

‘Under Pressure’ – Queen & David Bowie

Reminds me of being a kid for some reason!

‘Beautiful Disaster’ – Sarah Smith

Sometimes, even from the worst of times, something beautiful can happen.

‘Lovely Day’ – Bill Withers

Love the hook and repetitive nature of the tune. Makes me feel good. Plus, every time I volunteer for BTFC it makes the day lovely!

‘Good Feeling’ – Flo Rida

This song gave me the courage to keep fighting and not give up !! I still love it 🙂

‘Cut to the Feeling’ – Carly Rae Jepsen

Maybe the catchiest chorus of any song I’ve ever heard. Plus Canadian!

‘Beautiful Day’ – U2

It’s very uplifting and I love the tempo of the music.

‘Shower the People You Love With Love’ – James Taylor

Title says it all…

‘What a Wonderful World’ – Louis Armstrong

Wish – Dream – Believe.

‘Great Gig in the Sky’ – Pink Floyd

The first line ~ And I am not frightened of dying ~ the absolute voice of an angel in this song. The album has helped me fall asleep on many difficult nights.

‘Don’t Stop Believin» – Journey

The night before my Brain Surgery all of my Softball teammates were sending video messages of good luck. One family sent a video of them singing a song…challenge accepted. My parents and I recorded us singing and dancing in my hospital room to Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ and ever since then it’s been my motto! It’s my song! It helps me through tough times and puts a smile on my face!
I have never stopped believing in myself and my recovery.

‘Everybody’ – John Prine

Just a really nice song.

‘You’ve Got A Friend’ – James Taylor

It is what it is. Xx

‘Here Comes the Sun’ – The Beatles

A simple song with simple lyrics that reminds me of the uplifting power of sunshine.

‘People’ – Barbara Streisand

To my immediate and entire Family at the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada.

‘For Once in My Life’ – Stevie Wonder

Such a fun song to sing and dance around the house to!

‘The River’ – Garth Brooks

It was dark time huddled in a basement office, out of work, banging out resumes. The lyrics resonated with me and I haven’t stop trying to reach my destination since.

‘Life of Riley’ – Lightning Seeds

I lived in the UK for a year, back in the 90’s, and Brit Pop was at its peak. My year there was probably the most fun I’ve ever had – carefree, lots of travel and discovery, etc. The lyrics pretty well say it all – we’re sailing blind but we’ll be fine.

‘Lean on Me’ – Bill Withers

I remember as a kid singing this in choir. It’s the kind of song that just puts a smile on your face, and reminds us, we are not alone. 

‘Les étoiles filantes’ – Les Cowboys Fringants

Les Étoiles Filantes is a song about time passing by and nostalgia of youth, the absurdity of life and hope. We are only shooting stars in this life 😉

‘Happy’ – Pharrell Williams

It makes me smile and want to sing out and get my groove on right from the start!
It has such an upbeat rhythm and the words are so inspiring!

‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ – Simon & Garfunkle

It reminds me that no matter how alone I may feel, there is always someone in my world who will be there to lift me up.

‘Time of Your Life’ – Green Day

Every time I hear it, I am filled with love for my son.  Brent’s smile was contagious!  He was the most amazing son, brother, grandson and friend.  I miss him everyday.  His short 24 years were filled with love, laughter and courage.

‘September’ – Earth Wind & Fire

A song my mom and I really liked and one I can always groove to.

‘Flood Your Feed’ – Kay Oh Chay

I love this song because it’s but one example of how people are coming together and sharing positive and encouraging messages through social media as people self-isolate during COVID-19. This should be an anthem song of sorts. Have a listen and it will put a smile on your face today.

‘Only the Wild Ones’ – Dispatch

I used to be a bit of a free spirit (read: hippie) and this song makes me super nostalgic for all the travels I’ve done and the people I’ve met along the way. It reminds me of who I was, who I am, and where I’m going.

‘Love Story’ – Taylor Swift

I don’t think this requires much of an explanation. 😉

‘Live Like You Were Dying’ – Tim McGraw

It helps to remind me how beautiful and precious life is and that we shouldn’t waste it or take each other for granted. Make time for the little joys in life and treasure your friends and family. Every day is a gift and we shouldn’t waste it.

‘Man in the Mirror’ – Michael Jackson

This song always makes me personally reflect. During this time of self isolation I think it is a perfect choice as we are all trying to make do.

‘Three Little Birds’ – Bob Marley

Whenever things are tough, I sing this to my daughter. I always try and remind her that we need to be appreciative for what we have.
Who doesn’t love to groove to Bob Marley?
‘Every little thing’s gonna be alright’ I was listening to this last week, and it grounded me. It’s a time for action, not worry. Also, One Love! ‘Let’s get together and feel alright’
(Except let’s get together in spirit 😉)
Jaclyn – Victoria Brain Tumour Walk Coordinator

‘Old Old Fashioned’ – Frightened Rabbit

The premise of the song is thinking about all the “good stuff” you can get by disconnecting from technology and slowing down a little –  really enjoying one another’s company without all the distraction.

‘Wouldn’t it be Nice’ – Beach Boys

It’s the song my husband and I walked back down the aisle to and it’s remembering moments like these that are helping me stay hopeful 🙂

‘Sleepwalk’ – Santo and Johnny

I get goosebumps just thinking about it. No matter what mood I’m in, that song can lift me up, calm me down, make me reflect. It’s one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever created.

‘Long Way Home’ – Gareth Emery

No matter how dark things get, «Long Way Home» by Gareth Emery always lifts my spirit. By the end, I’m usually jumping up and down dancing / looking like a complete fool and feeling GREAT!

‘Courage’ – The Tragically Hip

Every time I hear this song, I smile, my toe taps and my head nods like Gord’s does in the video. Courage is a great reminder to be brave at a time when things are changing so fast.

‘Up Around the Bend’ – Creedence Clearwater Revival

CCR was my Dad’s favourite band so hearing their music always puts a smile on my face and brings a memory of him to mind. This song not only makes you want to move but depicts going on an adventure and just enjoying life.

‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ – Gerry and the Pacemakers

This song gives me goosebumps after 40 years of listening to it. It’s the Liverpool Football Club theme song, and the instrumental version by the pianist Richard Clayderman was even our wedding song down the aisle. It is, to me, not only the words but the feeling you get from it.