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Dr. Zadeh – Subvention de recherche 2011

Dr. Gelarah Zadeh, Neurosurgeon and Clinician Scientist, University of Toronto, Toronto Western Hospital, Toronto, Ontario

Project Title: «Identifying Molecular Therapeutic Targets for Bone invasive Meningiomas»

Research Summary

Dr. ZadehMeningiomas are tumours that arise from the covering of the brain and are generally benign. However, some meningiomas although classified as benign are very invasive in bone and surrounding structures resulting in significant impact on normal neural elements and structures such as the eye, head and neck, etc. Due to their intimate involvement with critical structures and infiltration of bone they often require multiple surgeries. Consequently, though considered benign tumours, bone invading meningiomas create significant morbidity for the patients.

Why some benign meningiomas become aggressive and invade bone is not understood and very little research has focused on this area. Therefore, our goal is to understand better what factors distinguish a bone invading meningioma from a non-invading meningioma. We will use integrated molecular and genetic analysis to find the signature that distinguishes invasive from non-invasive meningiomas. These results will identify factors that we can use as targets for treating patients with these subtypes of meningiomas.

Our pilot data indicate uninjured adults, and similar adults with cerebellar damage. These findings will guide physical therapists treating children with cerebellar damage, and inform surgeons on the critical regions for motor learning in the cerebellum.