Brain Tumour Awareness Month

Help raise awareness about brain tumours

In 2016 we are encouraging everyone to Join the Movement to End Brain Tumours.
We are joining with the United States of America to Turn May Grey.
We also plan to join the worldwide movement in October 23-29, 2016 for International Brain Tumour Awareness Week.  
There are multiple ways you can help raise awareness through brain tumour awareness, whether it be for the Month, the Week or the entire year.
We have some tools and kits to help you in your awareness activities. How much you do, is up to you! 

Click on any of the drop downs below to get ideas of some of the awareness activities we have planned for Brain Tumour Awareness Month 2016.

Turn May Grey!

For some time now our friends in the United States have had the slogan 'Go Gray in May'. We are now encouraging all Canadians to raise awareness for Brain Tumour Awareness Month by wearing Grey! Clothing, hats, fingernails, Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada merchandise, it all counts! Share your story about how you helped Turn May Grey here and maybe we will share it on social media. 

Here's a video that Claire has shared with us!:

Landmarks are Changing Colour!

Niagara Falls raised awarenessWith thanks to The Niagara Falls Illumination Board, on May 1, 2016, Niagara Falls turned orange at approximately 10:00 pm to raise awareness of Brain Tumours! 

We wanted to turn Niagara Falls grey, but it wasn't one of the colour options available, so we picked another colour that you all would recognize. See more photos here.

It seems very appropriate that one of the most iconic landmarks along the border of the United States of America helped raise awareness of brain tumours for the first North American Brain Tumour Awareness Month! 

Edmonton Light the Bridge

In the City of Edmonton, the bridge will be lit up in grey on May 3 in support of the brain tumour community! 


Many thanks to the volunteer effort in Edmonton for this opportunity!

The CN Tower will be lit orange May 4


The CN Tower will be lit orange May 4 in acknowledgement of Brain Tumour Awareness Month!

The lighting will begin at sunset, however it won’t become fully visible until the sky darkens sufficiently approximately 30 minutes later. A standard light show will run for 8 minutes at the top of every hour.

 London City Hall Orange

City of London buildings and amenities were lit orange on Monday, May 9, 2016, in support of Brain Tumour Awareness Month.

This includes City Hall, the JA Taylor Building at Wellington and Dundas, the Fountain at the Forks, and London Life!


Is there a memorable way that we can raise awareness in your community? Contact Amy today to let us know!

Brain Tumour Awareness Month Declared!

Awareness is more than just colour! 

Brain tumour advocates across the country have been working hard to have May declared as Brain Tumour Awareness Month across the country.  The Mayor of Vancouver, BC was the first to provide us with a declaration to share with you all, followed by the Province of BC, the City of Yellowknife, the City of Calgary, the City of Victoria, and the City of Welland, Ontario!

If you would like to approach your local Mayor, please contact Tanya, for more information and a draft letter and proclamation to get you started.

City of Vancouver declares May as Brain Tumour Awareness MonthBC Proclaims May as Brain Tumour Awareness MonthYellowknife proclaims Brain Tumour Awareness Month

 Calgary proclaims BTAM! Welland also proclaimed May as BTAMVictoria proclaims May as BTAM







There are over 120 types of brain tumour!

Brain Tumour Awareness Month is a great opportunity to highlight some of those different types of brain tumours and the impact that they have, so we will be focussing on a different tumour type for each day in May.

If there is a day that is important to you, please contact Amy with the details and she will see if we can slot it into the schedule.

Share with your community

Canada's Cuppa for Brain Tumours

Host a Morning Tea (Cuppa) for Brain Tumour Awareness Month. You can hold your tea anytime in the month of May. You can involve your coworkers, club members, school members – anyone that needs a break. 

How to get started: Register your “Cuppa” with Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada and we will send out a pre-packaged kit that will have some event tips and display material for your Cuppa.

Plan your event: Decide if you will be doing this in the comfort of your home, at the club, or at your place of work. Please get any necessary approvals to do so and talk to managers and have them behind your cuppa as they can help to spread the word too. Book your location, set a date and time and start planning. Once you have all the details, we can send you a secured link where donations can be made to your event and receipted.

To receive further information, please contact Eileen Quigg at

Join a Brain Tumour Walk!

Brain Tumour WalkThere are 7 Brain Tumour Walk events in May! 

Saturday, May 28, 2016
Fredericton, NB; Brampton, ON; Edmonton, AB

Sunday, May 29, 2016
Guelph, ON; Hamilton-Niagara, ON; Yellowknife, NT; Victoria, BC 

For those events taking place in June, Brain Tumour Awareness Month is a great time to be fundraising!  

We can't wait to see you at a Brain Tumour Walk event near you!  If there isn't a walk near you, don't forget that we have a Virtual Walk that you can do any time, any where, any distance.

Awareness or Fundraising or Both...its up to you!

Brain Tumour Awareness Month is a great opportunity to raise awareness and also a great opportunity for fundraising. How much you want to do, is up to you!  

If you are fundraising, here are some significant amounts to bear in mind:

  • Tax Receipts will be issued for donations of $20 or more
  • $27 honours the 27 Canadians diagnosed with a brain tumour every day
  • $52 signifies the estimated number of visits a newly diagnosed patient will make to their health care team in the first year after a brain tumour diagnosis (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, blood work, etc.)
  • $120 signifies the number of different types of brain tumours about which we need more research

Donate now to support patients and families in honour of Brain Tumour Awareness MonthYou can donate to support the brain tumour community today. Your one-time, tribute or recurring gift brings hope to the 837 Canadians that will be diagnosed with a brain tumour in October. Thank you. 

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