Brain Tumour Awareness Month

This year's Brain Tumour Awareness Month was bigger than ever - thank you!

Because of your involvement and support:

  • More government officials and health care decision-makers know about the impact of a brain tumour
  • 460,034 people across social media read or saw posts about Brain Tumour Awareness Month,
  • The Stories of Strength reached far and wide across the country, helping people better understand the brain tumour journey, and
  • 98% more people visited during October than any other previous October, and now know about brain tumours and their impact. 

Brain Tumour Awareness Month - celebrating strength and raising awareness, every day


October 1

Pediatric brain tumour survivor Emily and her family:
pediatric brain tumour survivor emily and her parents

October 2

Trevor is a brain tumour survivor and he shares his story of optimism:
brain tumour survivor Trevor and his wife

October 3

Mary Sue, a brain tumour survivor, shares her Words of Wisdom:


October 4

Jennifer shares in Part One of a new video series:

Jennifer is a brain tumour survivor - part one of four


October 5

Wendy is a brain tumour survivor, she shares her story of strength: 
brain tumour survivor wendy

October 6

Share this
new image
that includes
10 key facts
about brain tumours:  10 Facts about brain tumours


October  7

'An Inside Look' is a new video series launching today!
'An Inside Look' is a new video series launching today!

October 8

Social media can be used to fight brain tumours! Today we shared a  new image:

October 9

Susie's story of strength, "I'm not planning on going anywhere."

October 10

Sara's father was diagnosed with a GBM brain tumour in 2011:

October 11
Jennifer shares in Part Two of the video series about the journey with a brain tumour.

Jennifer is a brain tumour survivor - part one of four


October 12

The second in the video series 'An Inside Look' launched today!

October 13
Take a few minutes and share your brain tumour journey with government

tell government about brain tumours

October 14

Thank you! Today is a day of thanks and gratitude. Check out this video of thanks:

October 15

The third 'HuffPo' blog post is about how important our brain is.

October 16

The monthly eBrainStorm newsletter was released today.


October 17

Brad and Jeff are brothers, they have a very unique story of strength:

October 18

Jennifer shares in Part Three of the video series about the journey with a brain tumour.

October 19

Nazem Kadri's contribution to the Hats Tribute: 



October 20

Words of Wisdom from Brain Tumour Information Day:



October 21

Dave shares his story of strength in this new video.




October 22

The fourth 'HuffPo' blog post for Awareness Month focuses on research.

October 23

Deanna shares her family's journey with a brain tumour: 



October 24

Start the conversation, share signs of a brain tumour:

October 25

Jennifer shares in Part Four of the video series about the journey with a brain tumour.

October 26

Lorraine shares her son, Mike's, brain tumour journey:

October 27

Jennifer's shares her story and ideas for health care teams working with patients:

October 28

Christine shares her brain tumour journey on the Courage and Hope blog:

October 29

The last 'HuffPo' blog for Awareness Month is about brain tumour symptoms.

October 30

Jennifer shares her son, Brandon's, brain tumour journey:

October 31

Statement read in the House of Commons about the need for change. Read more...




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Megan Winkler
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