Take the 27 Canadians Challenge

If you missed our 2020 Virtual Brain Tumour Walk, don’t worry – the challenge continues!

We’ve had such great reception to our 27 Canadians Challenge that we’ve decided to keep it running… or walking, as it were.

To complete the challenge, ask 10 people for a donation of $27 dollars (one for each person diagnosed every day in Canada) OR 27 people to donate $10. For completing the challenge, you will receive your very own Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada buff in the mail!

Register now and complete your challenge by December 31 in order to receive your very own Brain Tumour Walk buff, and do your part to #EndBrainTumours!

To register, or for more information, visit: www.braintumourwalk.ca.

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2020 Virtual Brain Tumour Walk Opening Ceremonies

Our opening ceremonies looked a little different this year. Instead of 22 different events across Canada, we started things off with one big, virtual bang. Hosted by Alan Cross, the opening ceremonies featured check-ins with survivors all across the country.

Watch now.
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2020 Virtual Brain Tumour Walk recap

This year’s Virtual Brain Tumour Walk was an incredible experience, knowing we were walking together all across Canada on the same day. From our opening ceremonies hosted by Allan Cross, to the check-ins with survivors from every corner of Canada, there were so many memorable moments to share. This video gives a glimpse of Canadians in almost every province and territory walking together June 27.

Walking to #EndBrainTumours.