Advocating for Yourself

Speak up, ask questions, and always remember – your health comes first. This section is for patients and their networks to learn their rights, seek the best treatments and maximize quality of life.

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Increased Research Funding

As the leading organization in Canada focused on funding brain tumour research, we are the only group dedicated to overcoming this deadly disease.

Thanks to the support of donors, research funds are distributed every year to researchers across Canada who are examining the cause of and cure for brain tumours.

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Equal Access to Care

Equal access to drugs that treat brain tumours and associated conditions, as well as the related financial burden, is an issue for families across Canada. Where a patient lives should never determine the treatment for a brain tumour.

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August 2020 Position Paper – Dexamethasone and Drug Shortages

On May 1, 2020, the federal government’s Tier Assignment Committee added dexamethasone to the Tier 3 list. It is an important step, but there is far more action needed. Our position paper recognizes the vital importance of pharmaceutical drug products for persons with brain tumours, including dexamethasone.

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Road Map

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