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40 Years of Hope | #BringingHope40Years

HOPE moves us forward.

HOPE. It’s a simple word and yet carries a depth of meaning unique to each one of us. It can mean an encouraging smile during a time of uncertainty. A warm embrace during a time of despair. It can mean the difference between hanging on or giving up.

HOPE is the light to believe anything is possible and it shines within us all.

Every day, we at Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada strive to bring HOPE to all those affected by a brain tumour. HOPE through support. HOPE through information & education. HOPE through research. HOPE for a cure.

In this 40th anniversary year, we are celebrating our past, thankful for the present and looking to the future with hope.

No matter when you joined us on this 40-year journey, we would not be here without you.

You are the power to our movement to End Brain Tumours. Post and share throughout this year using the hashtag #BringingHope40Years and tag @BrainTumourFdn. Let’s support one another with our messages of hope.

Please join us and participate in one or all the programs planned this year.