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In spring 2022, my cousin Carolyn was diagnosed with Glioblastoma. She’s always been so self reliant and independent and refuses even now to let her diagnoses or treatment get her down. Between treatments she’s traveling and experiencing everything she wants in this world and she is truly an inspiration to me and my family. – Kindly donated by Aynsley




At 32 weeks pregnant, Alysalah had a neurological emergency and was rushed to hospital; 24hrs later, they removed a 6cmx6cm mass in her frontal lobe at Sunnybrook. Diagnosed as an Astrocytoma. Four Months later, she is a super Mom to our 3.5 month old daughter, anchor for the family and truly one of the strongest people I know hitting new milestones everyday. Special Thanks to Neurosurgery and Obstetrics at Sunnybrook and Toronto Rehab’s ABI team! – Kindly donated by Justin