Daniel's Story

Daniel's Story

Daniel is my bestfriend, my lover, and my biggest support in life! On January 2nd, 2015 at approx 6:00am, Daniel suffered a large seizure. Me being 29 weeks pregnant at the time, I struggled to get the phone and call 911. They directed me through the seizure while the ambulance was on their way.

The two wonderful EMS ladies came in and assessed Daniel. We were told that first time seizures like this don't just come from nothing and advised that he be taken to the hospital. There they did blood work and a CT scan. The blood was good but the CT showed something that looked conducive to brain cancer.

The doctor then sent Daniel for an MRI to get a better look. They then told us that yes, it was a type of glioma, and that we would be sent to the Foothills Hospital to see the Neuro team.

When we arrived we were admitted very quickly and waited to see the neurosurgeon. We were told all the good bad and the ugly. We asked what the surgeon suggested for Daniel moving forward. He suggested having the tumour removed as soon as possible and await the pathology to know where to go from there.

So we stayed in the hospital and waited on the emergency list! After three days Daniel was in for surgery. He had a very successful surgery and had most of the tumour resected.

After receiving the pathology reports Daniel was diagnosed with a Grade two oligodendroglioma in the right frontal lobe. Although this is a low-grade tumour and a good diagnosis for a young healthy man we are still feeling like we are living on borrowed time!

It is now February 2015 and we are awaiting our first three month scan coming in April to see the progress of Daniel's tumour. I am now 34 weeks pregnant and am a mess. We are both afraid that our little girl will never know her daddy the way I know him. We are hoping to beat all odds and have a healthy daddy/husband around for many years, but at this point we just dont know!

Daniel and I are both not working at the moment and it is making it very hard to make ends meet. My wonderful sister has put together a fundraiser for us to help it all come together. We have not yet received any coverage from the government and are struggling financially and emotionally! We do not have life insurance on Daniel and are limited on coverage for medical. We are just hoping to make ends meet at this point.

We are so thankful for everything everyone has done for us!

We will update you as soon as we know more!

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