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Meet the students helping to #EndBrainTumours

  May 19, 2020

Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada is proud to announce the recipients of our 2020 Studentship Research Grants, Peter Liu, and Arun Parmar. Thanks to the generosity of the Taite Boomer Foundation and Nichol Family Fund, these young men are able to conduct research into areas such as improving our understanding of metastasis and improving treatment options for GBM, and hopefully lay the groundwork for careers fighting this terrible disease.

Peter Liu
Peter Liu
Peter Liu is a second-year Medical Sciences student at Western University.
Supervisor: Dr. Qi Zhang Undergraduate Science Student, Western University
Project: ” Phosphoproteomic profiling of breast cancer brain metastasis “
Generously supported by a gift from the Nichol Family Fund

Arun Parmar
Arun Parmar
Undergraduate Science Student, McMaster University
Supervisor: Dr. Sheila Singh
Project: ” Knockout of HLA-G attenuates the survival of brain metastasis initiating cells in human brain metastasis “
Generously supported by a gift from the Taite Boomer Foundation