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Brain Tumour Awareness Month

May is Brain Tumour Awareness Month in Canada. Help us #TurnMayGrey in 2023 to #EndBrainTumours.

Turn May Grey

Turn May grey shirtsWear your favourite grey shirts, pants, hats, nail polish, and update your social media accounts with a grayscale profile picture… Let’s only post grayscale images this month! Anything and everything to #TurnMayGrey.

Join the fundraising effort and encourage your family and friends to do the same. Your generosity helps provide programs and services for brain tumour patients and their loved ones, and funds life-changing research.

Share your story about how you helped Turn May Grey, or tag us @BrainTumourFdn on social media with #TurnMayGrey.


Interested in fundraising during Brain Tumour Awareness Month?
Contact Eileen at

Fundraise Your Way

Do you want to raise funds for brain tumour research, programs and services but don’t know where to start?

The Your Way to #EndBrainTumours platform provides everything you need to be successful. Choose from our list of ideas or create something unique, build your web page in our simple to use menu, and start fundraising immediately.

Our vision is the same – find the cause of and cure for brain tumours – but our ways to get there are boundless.

Do it Your Way today.

Make a difference NOW

Here are some great ways you can raise brain tumour awareness.

Share your story
Follow Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada on FacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter and YouTube and share your stories, videos and images during the month of May.

Here are some graphics you can use in your post:

Download Images for Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn Download Images for Instagram

Customizable Canva Social Media Images (if you have or if you would like to create a account):

Download template images for Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn
Download template images for Instagram

Facebook fundraiser
These fundraisers are easy to set up, and a great way to help us continue the work we are doing on behalf of the entire brain tumour community. All funds raised through Facebook fundraisers goes toward the area of greatest need at Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada. Learn more.

Update your social media profile images

Upload a greyscale image as your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Linkedin profile. On Twitter or Facebook, you can use Twibbon to add a grey ribbon to your profile picture.


Get the facts
Let people know about the signs and symptoms of a brain tumour, send out 10 facts about the disease, and more

Be an advocate
Write a letter to the editor of your local print or online news publication and raise awareness about the need for more research into the cause and cure for brain tumours.

2023 Brain Tumour Walk
Heroes Reunite

Throughout June 2023

After three years of COVID-19 restrictions and virtual events, we are excited to announce the Brain Tumour Walk is back as a hybrid event.

Check our Locations for an in-person Walk near you. Can’t make it to an in-person Walk or are hesitant of gathering in large groups? No problem – sign up for the National Virtual Brain Tumour Walk!

The Brain Tumour Walk is an opportunity to come together across Canada to celebrate and remember our heroes. We walk with a united goal – to see an end to brain tumours – and raise funds for life-changing research, support programs, information, advocacy, awareness, and HOPE.

Register for a Brain Tumour Walk and join us in celebrating your hero!

Brain Tumour Signs & Symptoms

Every person diagnosed with a brain tumour will have different symptoms and their own journey to a diagnosis. While some people do not develop symptoms that would indicate a tumour, others may have symptoms that worsen over time eventually leading to a diagnosis. Others still may feel perfectly fine but experience a sudden onset of symptoms, such as a seizure, which leads to a quick and unexpected tumour diagnosis.

The following is a list of common symptoms which, alone or combined, can be caused by a brain tumour (malignant or non-malignant):

  • Frequent headaches
  • Dizziness or unsteadiness
  • Double or blurred vision
  • Seizures
  • Morning nausea and vomiting
  • Weakness or paralysis
  • Personality changes
  • Hearing impairment

If you or someone you care about experiences any of these symptoms, please consult your doctor.

A downloadable pdf of signs and symptoms, and pediatric signs and symptoms can be found here.


Give hope to the estimated 837 Canadians that will be diagnosed with a brain tumour in May.

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