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Research Grant Program

Thanks to donors, the Research Grant Program provides financial support to Canadian researchers with critical funds that help to propel their research forward into the future.

Supporting brain tumour research in Canada allows everyone affected by brain tumours to better understand this disease and move closer to finding new treatments, improve current treatments, and enhance the quality of life for brain tumour patients.

Proposals that receive funding include research that involves any and/or all of the following:

  • The development of new concepts
  • Patient-oriented research such as clinical trials, epidemiological studies, quality of life studies, outcomes, health services research
  • Pre-clinical research evaluating the therapeutic potential of recent discoveries in the basic mechanisms of either brain tumour pathogenesis or experimental therapeutics

Innovative research proposals such as those that incorporate novel or original concepts that have the potential to make a difference are also considered. Applications for grants up to $25,000 will be considered.

The application window for our 2023 Research grant is now closed.

Feature Grant

The application window for our 2024 Feature Grant is now open.

Guidelines Application

Elevation Grant

The application window for our 2024 Elevation Grant is now open.

Guidelines Application

One researcher said this about the program:

“Funding from Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada provided the necessary seed money to test novel ideas associated with my pediatric brain tumour work during my first year as a principal investigator. This grant also provided funds for a new graduate student in my laboratory. As a new investigator in Canada during a time when every dollar counts, support from Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada helps to ensure I have all the necessary resources to move my research forward and find new therapeutic targets for this highly malignant and aggressive disease.”

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“As a new clinician researcher, the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada Research Grant will support me to establish a research program in studying brain metastatic tumours. Our goal is to develop a panel of molecular biomarkers specific for prevention, detection and treatment of lung cancer brain metastasis.”

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