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Health Care Professional (HCP) Symposiums bring you the latest updates in brain tumour treatments, patient care and research.


If you would like to find out more information about symposiums that may be scheduled in the future please contact us.

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Inspiring & Motivating Health Care Professionals

HCPs have been pushed to the edge by the pandemic. There have been waves of grief, PTSD and burnout and we want to help address the continued needs of our health care community. HCPs are expected to be called on to navigate new waves from new variants and are being asked to tap into an even deeper reserve of resiliency and skill.

We hope you enjoy this year’s virtual symposium.

Symposium Presenters

The Mental Health Impact of the Pandemic

Did you miss the very first Virtual HCP Symposium in 2021: The Mental Health Impact of the Pandemic – A Virtual Workshop for Health Care Professionals.

Comments from past symposium participants:

“This virtual mental health symposium for health care professionals was exactly what I needed at this stage of the pandemic, and I look forward to future opportunities like this!! Many thanks!!”

“All of the information learned during this symposium will assist both my professional practice and personal wellbeing! Especially Bo Yih’s presentation and techniques. Thank you!”

“Thank you very much. This was excellent. I particularly appreciated and learned from Bo Yih Thom’s presentation and am inspired by her presence and teaching.”

“As a health care professional, I love hearing personal stories from survivors. Thank you to Kim for sharing her personal story of hope – it was inspiring.”

“As health care professionals we give so much of ourselves physically, spiritually and emotionally so the content of today’s presentations really brought the attention and shift back to us and solidified the statement “we can’t take care of others unless we take care of ourselves.” As always, thank you so much for the insight and education!”

“Thank you for thinking of us and for this workshop and the useful and practical reminders of how to destress. Such practical information.”

This activity is supported by an educational grant from Novocure, Inc.