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David Hodgson – 2023 Feature Grant Recipient

Generously funded by Donors of Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

David Hodgson David Hodgson – University of Toronto, ON

Project Title: “From Computer to Clinic: Deploying Artificial Intelligence-Assisted Radiotherapy Planning for Brain Tumours”

Description of Project:

Approximately 1/3 of cancer patients receive radiation therapy (RT) in Canada every year. For each patient, an RT plan is designed to deliver the necessary dose to the tumour while trying to avoid normal tissues. It is now possible for artificial intelligence (AI) programs to “learn” what features influence the quality of RT plans and apply this “knowledge” to create optimal RT plans. Our prior work has shown that, compared to standard manual planning, AI-assisted RT planning improves the speed and quality of RT plan design for patients with brain tumours, reducing unnecessary dose to normal brain tissues. In this project, we will implement AI-assisted RT planning in two additional cancer centres in Ontario – Ottawa Hospital Cancer Program and London Regional Cancer Program. We will install, test and implement an AI model for brain tumour treatment across all types of brain tumours. In addition, we will identify factors that aid or impede deployment so that our work can be more readily applied to other centres in Canada and beyond.

This work will disseminate cutting-edge AI technology to improve RT for thousands of cancer patients, and create new collaborations to accelerate the development and adoption of this technology Canada-wide.

What receiving this award means:

“The BTFC funding will allow us to start applying the most innovative machine learning methods to ensure patients with brain tumours in Ontario – including children – receive the highest quality radiotherapy possible”.