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Martin Profant – 2024 Studentship Recipient

Martin ProfantMartin Profant
Medical Student, Toronto University

Supervisor: Dr. Sunit Das

Project: “Investigating the Meningeal Immune Landscape in Patients with GBM”

Generously funded by St. George Legion

“Being awarded a Brain Tumour Research Studentship means the chance to pursue potentially lifesaving research. As an aspiring physician-scientist looking to integrate clinical medicine and scientific research, I have been searching for an area of study in which to pursue my own intellectual curiosity and also the potential to positively impact patient outcomes. I vividly recall my experiences as a medical student in the neurosurgery operating room and neuro-oncology clinic, where I witnessed first-hand the devastating effects brain tumours can have on individual patients. However, it is also here that I met physicians and patients motivated to engage in research to discover tomorrow’s therapies. It was these experiences that propelled me on the trajectory to working in brain tumour research. Using my previous scientific skills in neuroscience and immunology, as well as the expertise of the Dr. Das lab, I hope to elucidate the oncological and immune mechanisms that drive brain tumour pathogenesis from a single cell lens. Donors to the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada through their contributions have made the Brain Tumour Research Studentship possible. Donors have not only directly supported my research work today, but through the experiences and skills I gain over the course of this project, I will be best prepared to become a future leader in the field of brain tumour research. Special Thank you to, St. George Legion for making this award possible.”