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Patrick Ang – 2024 Studentship Recipient

Patrick AngPatrick Ang
Undergraduate Science Student, McMaster University

Supervisor: Dr. Sheila Singh

Project: “Optimizing Bioassays for High Throughput Analysis and Validation of Novel Compounds for Brain Metastasis Prevention”

Generously funded by Taite Boomer Foundation

“Thank you to the BTFC and Taite Boomer Foundation for their endearing dedication and incredible support they provide to patients and brain cancer research. None of our work would be possible without this community’s generosity. Aside from being afforded the amazing opportunity to continue researching brain metastasis with a wonderful, productive team, for me, being awarded a Brain Tumour Research Studentship represents a chance to engage more deeply with patients, their families, and donors at BTFC events. Building these relationships is critical to ensuring our work is always grounded by the needs of those who we aim to support with our research.

This studentship will provide me with the opportunity to nurture my love for science and develop the creativity, critical thinking, and technical skills required to better understand brain metastases to prevent and alleviate suffering for patients and their families. From generous donors, selfless organizations like BTFC, to patients who choose to donate samples of their tumours, it will never be lost upon me that it is a privilege to engage in this kind of work. This studentship reaffirms my path and allows me to invest myself in working towards finding hope and a better future for our patients.”