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Yujin Suk – 2021 Studentship Recipient

Yujin Suk

Medical Student, McMaster University

Supervisor: Dr. Sheila Singh

Project:Identification of ITGA5 as a novel immunotherapeutic target against treatment refractory medulloblastoma”

Generously funded by Jack Nichol Family Fund (London Community Foundation)

I am grateful and honoured to receive the Brain Tumour Research Studentship from Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada for the 2021-2022 duration. The award will support my research investigating novel immunotherapeutic modalities for pediatric medulloblastoma patients facing recurrence and/or metastases using recurrent markers such as ITGA5.

I am passionate about performing translational research that aims to bridge the gap between pre-clinical findings in the laboratory to clinical practice in hospitals in order to provide meaningful, alternative treatment modalities for patients facing no other options.

Awards such as the Brain Tumour Research Studentship go a long way not only to directly support my research but also aids in my career development as an aspiring clinician scientist.