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Charlotte’s Story

  July 22, 2016

Youth Education Award Recipient 2016

Charlotte Pape (Toronto, ON)
Pursuing Studies in Life Sciences
Diagnosed with a cerebellar astrocytoma at the age of 3
Generously funded by Selectpath Benefits and Financial

“I’m thrilled to have been accepted into the University of Toronto’s Life Sciences program. Although I excel in the liberal arts, I’m passionate about science. My journey has instilled in me a love of the medical field, empathy for others, and an ambition to succeed despite the obstacles that might arise. I’m comfortable in the hospital environment, and see myself as part of a medical team one day, whether in research or patient care.

This education award allows me to concentrate on my academic goals rather than splitting my focus between schoolwork and part-time employment to finance my pursuits. It also provides some relief to my parents, who are equally committed to helping my younger siblings; we are close in age and will attend post-secondary institutions simultaneously in the future.”