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Harshil’s Story

  August 5, 2018

Youth Education Award Recipient 2017

Harshil Puchooa (Surrey, BC)
Pursuing a Bachelor of Science at the University of British Columbia
Diagnosed with a pilocytic astrocytoma at age 14
Generously funded by West Coast Trail Hike

“This scholarship will help me focus on my career instead of thinking about how I will repay my student loans. The scholarship will also make a big difference in how much time and resources I have during school to spend on enhancing my experience and knowledge through service-learning, volunteer opportunities and internships. The money and security afforded by the scholarship will allow me to be more selective in how I spend my free time; instead of working at any minimum-wage job I can find to support myself, I can select work that is meaningful and adds value to my degree.”

August 2018 update: “Thank you again for providing me with the funding to pursue my goals. My first year at UBC went well. I have grown as a student as a person. I am working towards entire the behavioural neuroscience program at UBC. For this coming fall term, I plan on taking the prerequisite courses in order to enter this major. I am looking forward to taking some calculus courses and also some upper-year psychology courses.

I have also joined a new club, Undergraduate Research Opportunity (URO). I am a student engagement executive. The club allows me to surround myself with upper-year students and I can gain more knowledge from them. It also gives me an inside on my future research endeavour at UBC. This club will allow me to grow and make a name for myself on the UBC campus and in the faculty of science.

My short-term goal is to finish my prerequisite courses and enter my major by next year. My long-term goal is still to be admitted into the UBC Medical school. My personal goal is to keep a healthy lifestyle and hopefully play more competitive soccer.

I would like to thank you again for providing me with the funds to pursue my goals. I hope to make a difference in this world someday.”