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Katrina’s Story

  July 8, 2013

Youth Education Award Recipient 2013

Katrina Moreland, 18 (Calgary, AB)
Pursuing a Bachelor of Applied Science, Engineering
Diagnosed with a hemangioma at 15 years old
Education Award generously funded by Deys Fabricating

“ ‘I give up’ isn’t a phrase I use. I want to demonstrate to others that while having a neurological condition is life altering, it does not have to stop you from pursuing your dreams. It certainly limits aspects of my life, but I refuse to let it define me.

When visiting campus, I was captivated by an Engineering Physics professor’s project designed to detect cancer cells with extraordinary sensitivity from a single blood test.

Technologies that could exponentially increase the ease of diagnosis fascinate me. Improved diagnostics would get people the medical help they need much sooner, and I know the importance of this firsthand.”