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Matthew’s Story

  July 22, 2016

Youth Education Award Recipient 2016

Matthew Lewis (Dundas, ON)
Pursuing Pre-Health Science
Diagnosed with an astrocytoma with mixed glioma at the age of 20
Generously funded by Selectpath Benefits and Financial

“Impossible is nothing. I believe that anyone can do anything; they just have to want to do it badly enough. Every dream you have, can be accomplished with a hard work- hang on mentality. I understand this more now than ever before. When I heard about this Scholarship program I realized that I could, given the opportunity, start afresh and take control of my life. This would allow me to put more energy into my academics and quality of life.

I was apprehensive about going back to school because of the massive financial burden and time commitment that would be necessary. However, I am confident that this Scholarship would allow me to thrive in my program and help me to achieve my potential.

I want to make a difference. Knowing when to give help and take help is important in this life. Cancer knocks you down, but along the way I have had the hands of family, friends and total strangers to help me back up. I want to be a paramedic so that every day can be the hands that helped me when I needed it most. I believe that this Scholarship will help me make a difference to this world.”