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Education, empathy, empowerment.


Our youngest voices can become the loudest agents for change.
SUPERKIDS will help get the conversation going!

SUPERKIDS is an educational program that seeks to spread education, awareness, empathy, kindness and understanding. This program is designed to help teachers and parents educate kids and teenagers about brain tumours and how the brain works.

SUPERKIDS has three parts:



Free downloadable lesson plans with a variety of topics for kindergarten to Grade 12.

Feedback and Classroom Package

Superkids test page

Collaboration is one of Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada’s core values and we value your feedback. As you download and incorporate the lesson plan into practice, we would love to hear from you and learn from your experiences. In return we will send you a SUPERKIDS package to your classroom with some surprises.

Are you a parent? Feel free to download lesson plans for your kids and teenagers to do at home and provide feedback to receive a thank you package in the mail.


Consider creating a SUPERKIDS event with a SUPERHERO theme in your community. Learn more by clicking here.

Lesson plans are broken down by age:
  • Primary (Grades K-3)
  • Junior (Grades 4-6)
  • Intermediate (Grades 7-10)
  • Senior (Grades 11 and 12)

Want a quick peek at the lesson plans?

Learn More
To get started, just follow these three steps:

1 – Click the category of your choice.
2 – Complete the form with your information. Please note: To access the full suite of lesson plans, we request that you provide your contact information. We will be adding content (videos and lesson plans) to this program over time and would like to keep you updated on the progress.
3 – Access all lesson plans to download and save lesson plans that are of interest.

Lesson Plans

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We have built a comprehensive educational and awareness program thanks
to our amazing volunteers:
Alicia Chenier
Carla Correa
Danielle Froio
Holly O’Neill
Johanna Stuehrenberg
Lennie Boyd
Ryan Palazzolo
Shreya Gandhi
Tara Malone
Visale Balarajah


Also, a big THANK YOU to our SPONSORS:

Westminster College Foundation, Edmonton Public Teachers, and an anonymous Foundation.

Wait, there’s more!

Above and beyond the lesson plans we have created for teachers and parents, please feel free to utilize any resources we have on our website to support lesson plans or to create your own.

More About Brain Tumours
Want to learn more about brain tumours? Visit the section on our website “Facing A Brain Tumour” for more resources and information.

BrainWave Program
BrainWAVE is a support program for families with a child (19 years of age or younger) with a brain tumour. The program offers children and teens the opportunity to connect with other families also living with a brain tumour through various programs and services.

Information and activities for children and families affected by brain tumours
Here you will find more activities you can incorporate into your lesson plans such as a scavenger hunt, memory games, and more.

For questions or to provide feedback, please email us at: