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Volunteer of Distinction Award Recipients:

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2024 Volunteer of Distinction Awards.

Stéphanie Morissette

Stéphanie has navigated a road no parent wants to find themselves on, following her daughter’s diagnosis with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG). Though DIPG eventually claimed her daughter’s life, Stéphanie continues to fight in her memory. Read more about Stéphanie Morissette and her daughter, Florence here.


Mary Rawlings

Mary became a caregiver and advocate for her husband, Stu, through his journey with a brain tumour diagnosis. She found community by participating in a virtual support group for caregivers, eventually taking on a volunteer co-facilitator role. Read more about Mary Rawlings here.


Stu Rawlings

As Stu recovered from surgery following his brain tumour diagnosis, his challenges included not being able to swallow or speak. He regained confidence and strength through his participation in a virtual support group and became a volunteer co-facilitator soon after. Read more about Stu Rawlings here.


Previous recipients:

Shreya Gandhi, Visale Balarajah, Yasmina Mashmoushi and Elizabeth Gyuk


Alicia Grace, Jaclyn Cross, Cindy Wilson and Kathy Gélinas


Myriam Boucher-Pinard, Éloïse Carré, Dee Ferlisi, Sandra Lisi and Dayna Magnuson


Danielle Barclay, Arlette Boghonskhan, Michele Bliss and Hazel Neely


Pablo Coffey, Greg Taylor and Christina Hagberg, Kelley Weatherby, and Michèle Tirlemont


Rachel Brown, Claire Snyman, Diane McFarlane and Rick Bradt.


Chris Wynder, Janet Hempler, Karen Metcalfe and Natalie Edwards.


Diana Schurer, Denis Raymond, and one further nominee who has chosen to remain anonymous.


David Kelly, Diane McAuley, and Siobhan Taylor.


Keith Anderson, Janice Laberge, Dr. Arjun Sahgal, and Karen Vickers.


Brian Montag, Claudette Brown, and Heather McKeigan.


Kathy Thornton and Jacqueline Huff, Jenn Quinn, Agnes Chick, Christa Kingsley, and Joline LeBlanc.


Ingrid Exner, Danielle Griffiths, Mike Kennedy, Lori and Stephen Wilson.


Robin Bateman, Claudine LePage, Melissa Martin, and Crystal Tellett.


Theresa Acchione, Dave D’Entremont, Margaret Dodgson, and Marianna Hope.