Volunteer of Distinction Award Recipients:

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2020 Volunteer of Distinction Awards.

Myriam Boucher-Pinard

Myriam Boucher-PinardSince joining the Montreal Brain Tumour Walk Committee in 2018, Myriam Boucher-Pinard has become a leader in her own right, managing more than 50 walk volunteers in 2019, and encouraging others with her passion and positivity. Read more about Myriam here.

See Myriam’s acceptance here.  


Éloïse Carré

Eloise CarreVolunteering is just a part of who Éloïse Carré is. A nurse and student, she has brought joy to children and families in Quebec affected by brain tumours over the two years she has been involved in the GOcervo program. Read more about Éloïse here.

See Éloïse’s acceptance here.


Dee Ferlisi and Sandra Lisi

Sandra Lisi and Dee FerlisiWhen friends like Sandra Lisi and Dee Ferlisi come together for a great cause, their love and positivity always produce amazing results. Their story is one of continued success, both in the Brampton brain tumour community and in Canada as a whole. Read more about Dee and Sandra here.  

See Dee and Sandra’s acceptance here.


Dayna Magnuson

Dayna LargeDayna Magnuson opened up new territory, literally, for Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada’s Brain Tumour Walk program. Dayna laid the foundation of the very first community brain tumour walk in Yukon territory in 2018.
Read more about Dayna here.

See Dayna’s acceptance here. 


Previous recipients:

Danielle Barclay, Arlette Boghonskhan, Michele Bliss, Hazel Neely


Pablo Coffey, Greg Taylor and Christina Hagberg, Kelley Weatherby, and Michèle Tirlemont


Rachel Brown, Claire Snyman, Diane McFarlane, and Rick Bradt.


Chris Wynder, Janet Hempler, Karen Metcalfe, and Natalie Edwards.


Diana Schurer, Denis Raymond, and one further nominee who has chosen to remain anonymous.


David Kelly, Diane McAuley, and Siobhan Taylor.


Keith Anderson, Janice Laberge, Dr. Arjun Sahgal, and Karen Vickers.


Brian Montag, Claudette Brown, and Heather McKeigan.


Kathy Thornton and Jacqueline Huff, Jenn Quinn, Agnes Chick, Christa Kingsley, and Joline LeBlanc.


Ingrid Exner, Danielle Griffiths, Mike Kennedy, Lori and Stephen Wilson.


Robin Bateman, Claudine LePage, Melissa Martin, and Crystal Tellett.


Theresa Acchione, Dave D’Entremont, Margaret Dodgson, and Marianna Hope.